The Diamond-Angelic Double Act : Heart-Mind Healing For 2019 And Beyond

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Two New, Superior Energy Signatures For Mastery And Freedom

Brand new, very high-frequency Light codes became available to us during the recent and rare Triple 11 Gateway on the 11th of November 2018.  These new Light frequencies, intrinsically Angelic, represent an advanced crystalline intelligence and I`m super-excited to be working with them.  I`ve been amazed at how quickly they have asserted their loving presence and effect during my Healing sessions, and they have come through now to fulfil a very specific purpose at this stage of our evolution.

I have the clear sense that this new, starseeded Angelic Frequency has become available at this time specifically to heal relationship, both with the internal and with the external as it works to strengthen and elevate the Heart-Mind connection while Earth and humanity navigate the imminent next level of shift and growth in the post-2012 New Earth.  The Angelic Frequency is bringing a whole new level of loving connection and new responsibility.

Coincidentally, since early November 2018 when I began assimilating the new Angelic Light frequencies into my Light-Body and physical body I have been witnessing a beautiful partnership in play as I facilitate Healings for my clients.  Working in perfect unison with the brand new Angelic Frequency is the starseeded Diamond Frequency.  The Diamond energy became available back in 2016 during the 10/10 Gateway and I have been actively incorporating this Healing frequency into my sessions ever since.

Both the Angelic and the Diamond energy signatures represent a superior consciousness structure that holds a geometric patterning of Light.  This plasmic, intelligent Light initiates deep transfiguration and activations at the DNA level, triggering remembrance of Source and the return to wholeness.

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It has become clear to me that this harmonious, intelligent interplay between the Angelic and the Diamond frequencies is serving to purify and augment the Heart-Mind connection, with the Angelic having an emphatic focus on the Heart Chakra/Higher Heart Chakra, and the Diamond prioritizing the Third Eye Chakra.  The gentle and soft Angelic Frequency works to clear residual, stored discordant emotion blocking the Heart, transmuting sadness, grief and anger into forgiveness, acceptance and understanding while the fiery, transformative and urgent Diamond Frequency clears away subconscious self-sabotage, outdated perceptions and beliefs and limiting ideation, opening up that beautiful mind to fresh possibilities.

Let me be clear…

… in any given session each individual is receiving and integrating multiple Healings simultaneously which are personally appropriate for them, however the new Light frequencies of the starseeded Diamond-Angelic partnership have added another dimension, specifically to heal the intuitive Heart-Mind connection.

All the Chakras are important but the Heart center is arguably the most powerful of all as it generates and regulates all emotion-related issues such as Love, kindness, generosity and malice – its power enlivens and personalizes your lived experience.  Contextual to the Healing journey, the Third Eye Chakra is super-significant because this energy center gives you access to spaces of higher Consciousness, vastly expanded Awareness and elevated perception.  Third Eye Healing opens up your potential for profound growth and positive change because it is through this center that you shape your reality and co-create your actual, lived experience.

The language of the Heart determines overall health 

Science calls it Neural Intelligence.  This is Heart intelligence.  The Heart center generates the body’s most powerful, most extensive electromagnetic field and this field continuously receives and transmits information.  Coherence and harmony is the pure, true language of the Heart and this subtle resonance triggers life-affirming, healing chemistry to be released into the body.  It is all determined by how you feel because what you are aligned with is what you create.

There is an unceasing dialogue between the Heart center and the brain that is entirely emotion-based.  This continuous exchange is pivotal because the nature of the emotional transmissions sent by the Heart to the brain determines what kind of chemicals the brain releases into the body.  When you generate uplifting, loving emotions such as appreciation, gratitude, understanding and compassion the chemistry triggered by the brain becomes consistent with those peaceful, coherent signals from the Heart.  Production of stress hormones decreases, the fight-or-flight response is calmed and greater amounts of the anti-ageing hormone DHEA are produced.  In the absence of Heart-generated discordant emotion you become less reactive, more co-operative and considerate, more peaceful and sympathetic and more present.  You`ll enjoy heightened intuition, greater clarity and increased creativity.  You`ll find you`re making better decisions and wiser choices more efficiently.  When the Heart is generating harmonious, loving emotions you are able to access higher-dimensional planes of existence with ease and greater fluidity.

The smart collaboration between the Diamond and the Angelic frequencies works to bring all the amplitude of Heart intelligence into the mind, bringing freedom and liberation from old and unhelpful patterns and conscious/subconscious conditioning.  These high-calibre Light frequencies deliver you into the Ascended Mastery of your inner world and your constant internal conversation, which in turn migrates outward to the external.

The Diamond-Angelic brings sustained coherence between body, mind and spirit by healing the Heart-Mind connection, and as we all move through the coming changes on Earth a crystal clear attunement to Heart intelligence will be key because the Universal language of the Heart speaks of the remembrance to heal separation and duality.

The following two companion pieces go into more depth.  The first covers the significance of the Third Eye Chakra :

…and the second piece delves into the power of the Heart Center :

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Third Eye Transformation : Modification For The 5D New Earth Matrix

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“There is no reality, only perception”   – Phil McGraw


I continue to be amazed by the intense work being done on the Ajna center (or Third Eye Chakra) when I`m facilitating Healing sessions and this upgrade seems to be happening for the majority of my clients.  You`ll also receive and integrate myriad other Healings simultaneously and which are personally appropriate but this emphasis on the Ajna center seemingly has become standard.

I began noticing the regularity of these Third Eye Healings in mid-2016 which coincidentally is when I began working with a new, high-frequency, starseeded energy signature called the Diamond Star Fire (please click the link below for more info) and the deep clearing and refinement of the Third Eye Chakra is by design, opening up your potential for profound spiritual growth while helping you to access and fully utilize the Fifth Dimensional (and higher) energetic matrix of the post-2012 New Earth.

It is inspiring because these distinct and highly-specific Third Eye Healings are working to swiftly attune you to a broader bandwidth of higher-dimensional Light, energy and information.  It`s like you`re being re-wired for a whole new operating system, one that is characterised by the resonance of ease, flow, grace and magical synchronicity.

The Third Eye or Sixth Chakra is the center of intuition and intellect.  The power of this Chakra is wisdom.  The Third Eye is our gateway to the subtle realms and to spaces of Higher consciousness.  This Chakra corresponds to the pineal gland in the center of the brain which holds minuscule crystalline structures within it. 

Confusion, uncertainty, cynicism, pessimism, anxiety and distrust of one`s inner voice can indicate a closed or blocked Third Eye, whereas a healthy, open and balanced Third Eye blesses us with clarity of thought and crystal clear visualisation.  Located beneath the Crown Chakra which is the gateway through which we receive the spiralling flow of prana (chi or Universal Life Force) and above the Throat Chakra from where we make our choices and move into creative expression and manifestation and indeed our Divine destiny, the Third Eye is where we co-create and shape our lived reality.  Our Creator energy and creative essence manifests into form through this beautiful Chakra.

Author and Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss says that whenever we allow a new idea to form and take shape in our imagination we are calling on the energy of the Third Eye Chakra.  Thought is vibration ; thought shapes form.  Thought is an energetic blueprint which creates reality and so it follows that the elevation of thought patterns into a unified and ordered structure of clarity that are based in love and joy will manifest outcomes that are resonant with that inner-harmony.  Conversely if you are caught in distorted and fragmented thought patterns and the fear-based traps of ego and Third Dimensional consciousness then your manifested outcomes will likely hold some echo of that fear and chaos.  Third Eye Healing/transmutation lifts you into a space of vastly expanded awareness and elevated perception, and this fresh ability to perceive events/people/circumstances simply from a different angle can radically improve the quality of your interaction with life.  And awesomely, it all begins in the Third Eye. 

                                                        Meaning of Ajna :  command   

The lesson of the Third Eye :  seek only the truth

 Spiritual illumination is attained through the Third Eye which is associated with the element of Light.  It is through the Third Eye that the individual transcends duality-consciousness and the limitations of Third Dimensional linear time.  Psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and clairaudience originate in the Third Eye Chakra as does our perception and perspective of life and ourselves.  Third Eye Healing brings to the fore and heightens any latent psychic gifts you may possess.

What I love about these concentrated and catalytic Third Eye Healings is that a sexy Higher Intelligence is in play and working to discard stale beliefs, out-dated perceptions and unhelpful thought forms, opening up that beautiful mind and liberating you from the constraints of binary thinking and entrenched patterns of confirmation bias.  Old and limiting fear and doubt are released, in turn creating fresh, new spacious expansion and refining your power to shape and co-create your reality.  I also feel that these Healings will assist in breaking down any hardening and calcification around the pineal gland (in the center of the brain) helping to reverse any suppression.  I`m super-excited by this focus on the Third Eye in my healing sessions because it is delivering you into a rich and fertile space of openness, expanded imagination and brand new creativity.

Additionally, another benefit of the Third Eye upgrade is that as perception alters and perspective shifts it simultaneously heals your relationship with the subtle energy of Time.  You`ll likely notice that you begin to view past events differently and more compassionately, effectively revising and healing the past which in turn modifies the present moment to which the future is responding right now.  As you interact with Time in a healthier way and with greater ease and flow manifestation becomes quicker.

Galactic Heritage Reconnection and the Diamond Star Fire

The Diamond-frequency is a brand new bandwidth for Healing and transformation.




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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit


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