Our Pleiadean Star Mothers Draw Close

January 2020 :  end of the Age of Pisces

When I was a kid the super-cool American pop-soul vocal group The Fifth Dimension sung about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius with their hit medley Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In. An era-defining song (released in 1969 and from the hippie musical Hair) its flower-power vibe captured the zeitgeist of the late 1960s. Here we are, some 50 years later and the Aquarian Age is gloriously upon us, currently anchoring in mass-consciousness.

“Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation

…open up your heart”

The Aquarian frequency is one of radical social change and Aquarian energy is characterised by integrity, communion and unity : it is humanitarian, egalitarian, life-giving, revolutionary, innovative, collaborative, fair-minded and forward-thinking. Coincidentally, the numerology of 2021 with its Universal 5 vibration holds a number of these very qualities so be prepared for a pivotal and dramatically transformative year.

As the Age of Aquarius embeds in collective consciousness and comes into being our Pleiadean Star Mothers have once again gathered and are hovering near just as they did back in the `60s, making their loving and reassuring presence felt. Last month while our skies were active with the 12:12 Gateway (12th of December 2020) and the Solar Eclipse followed by the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on the day of the December Solstice, they offered us nurturance and their gentle steadying hand, assisting the smoother integration of these influential starseeded galactic transmissions with our Light-Bodies. As they draw closer their proximity refines the merge with our subtle bodies of the Light and knowledge they bring for the Pleiadean frequency resonates with wisdom, harmony and oneness. As well, the Pleiadean Star Mothers oversee DNA activations and they encourage greater alignment with Heart Chakra energy so that we may truly allow our Hearts to lead.

Pleiadeans are widely considered to be our seed parents. According to Kryon as channelled by Lee Carroll the beings of the Pleiades came to Earth around 200,000 years ago and seeded the shift currently underway on Earth. They altered our DNA, sped up our evolution and brought in information that was spiritual, all by virtue of the fact that they had already undergone the evolution of consciousness on the Pleiades cluster. And it was during the age of Lemuria that the Pleiadeans came. So, what is taking place on our planet now is being observed with great interest by our Star families for our evolution is generating consequential change throughout the cosmos.

Pleiadean consciousness is deeply peaceful and serene and promotes the emergence of Truth. There`s a beautiful yield to this energy for there are no absolutes with the Pleiadeans, rather they tend to live in the question, embodying an energetic that is gentle, flowing, neutral and soft. With its fluidity, gracefulness and lightness Pleiadean consciousness supports others to transform and shift out of the old with dignity. Pleiadean energy tempers for it holds the vibrational resonance of placidness and bliss, and bliss is the point of ingress to Fifth Dimensional consciousness. Though innovation and speedy manifestation are also features of the Atlantis frequency Pleiadean revolution and creational energy has a more muted expression and this is significant given that courageous creative endeavour will take greater priority in the coming years. The inspiration, nurture and guidance of our Pleiadean Star Mothers is needed now as humanity rejects the shadowy Piscean values of power, manipulation and control, money and materialism, instead prioritizing principles and ideals, knowledge, expanding awareness, rising consciousness and abstract thought.  

The Pleiades (also known as the Seven Sisters or Messier45) is an open star cluster in the north-west of the constellation Taurus and it`s visible from virtually every part of the globe. The Pleiades has been well known to indigenous cultures around the globe for millennia. The Pleiades are recognised as a physically related, gravitationally-bound cluster of several hundred stars : studies have found that they are all moving in the same direction across the sky and at the same rate, demonstrating clear and coherent relationship. Ring any bells? (Reference and image courtesy of EarthSky.org)

Image of Pleiades and Orion Dec 2020

“Peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.  Let the sunshine in”.

Click here for a couple of suggestions on how to connect with Pleiadean consciousness. 

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The Atlantean Light Magicians and The Astral Substance

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The revival of ancient energy on our planet is a key theme right now as consciousness on Earth continues to shift and rise higher. As many now shed the old they`re swinging back into alignment with higher-frequency Awareness, age-old wisdom and starseeded consciousness. Wholesale purging of dense, DNA-held patterns, programmes and defensive conditioning is creating space for the new and allowing the activation of dormant DNA codes and Source/Soul elements that you have carried forward to this incarnation, including Lemurian and Atlantean codices.

I`m loving the tremendous strength of the Atlantis frequency and the Atlantean Light codes (since I reactivated these previously-dormant DNA codes this aspect has been registering in my healing work). As it sets about complex reorganising and restructuring the Atlantean energy is replicating the creational power of the Atlantean Light Magicians for it is in divine accord and total harmony with the field of Astral substance – the Universal primordial substance wherefrom all things originate. The Astral plane is a realm of light and vibratory life-force energy – described as a reservoir of heat, light, magnetism, and electricity existing beyond the material universe – and it is said that all consciousness resides there.

(Note : prior to the fall of consciousness on Earth the Atlantean Light Magicians embodied the perfection of Atlantean Being and they exemplified the ascended Soul matrix template)

Our ability to manifest from focussed intent has increased substantially since 2012 because our interface with the primal Light of the Astral substance has refined and evolved into a higher vibration – it is a purer, Heart-oriented communion. The Astral substance is the medium of creative magic, synchronicity and manifestation because Astral light is the ruling agent in the alchemical process that converts thoughts into form, and every thought and action makes an impression into the Astral material.

The sheer speed of the manifestative power of Atlantean energy (working in tandem with your focussed intention) is achieved through sound frequency and vibrational tone. Each of us emits a pitch – a subaudible vibrational tone – generated by the particular energetic frequency we each hold. So too Atlantean energy produces a tone that has peculiar characteristics and vibratory rates that then blend with creational frequencies in the greater flow of sound.

The perfection and purity of the Atlantis frequency and Atlantean Light codes embodied by the Atlantean Light Magicians is intrinsically eighth dimensional and of such a refined tone as to merge with the currents of sound and Astral light in the Universal ether, and direct the Astral substance all in super-fast time.

The caveat

The privilege of working with the energy of the Atlantean Light Magicians comes with the proviso that your intent be utterly pure and of the highest vibration, that your intentionality is always in harmony with divine Spirit, aligned with Source and the Great Central Sun and in sync with the evolution of consciousness on our planet. Creational responsibility and the purity of your intent guarantees fertile conditions with which to create.

Healing Sessions – Double Bay – 0408 420211

Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks, defensive conditioning and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit http://www.sydneyhealer.com.au


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Seeds Of The Cosmos, Seeds Of Simplicity

A Channelled Message From Fluma of the Royal Avian Star Tribes

Greetings Starchildren.

Our channel was recently asked What is a Starseed and while much information on this subject currently circulates on Earth we would like to add a morsel to this body of knowledge.

First, may we say dear ones, how enamoured we are of the Starseeds, for it is enchanting to observe as more and more individuals awaken to their glorious and pure Cosmic origin.  We are seeing Diamond Hearts and Celestial Light-bodies radiant and luminous in geometric Starseeded activation.  We say individuals because we see but ONE Universal Soul with each earthly individual being an expression of that singular Soul, each one a spark of Divine Source.  Starseeded individuals have experienced hundreds and thousands of incarnations not only on Earth but throughout the cosmos, and prior to incarnating into this particular cycle of life they agreed to a Contract that would allow for certain events at pre-determined points on their individual timeline to activate dormant codes carried within their DNA.  These are encryptions that carry benevolent information from specific points of origin like the stars, distant galaxies, other planets and solar systems, and the Starseeds also hold Atlantean and Lemurian codes of ancient wisdom, all for the purpose of lifting up humanity and Earth through Healing, growth, transfiguration and enlightenment.

The trigger events experienced by the Starseed initiate the unlocking of the dormant information carried within them and so the beautiful seed germinates.  The individual is then able to access the vast matrix of remembrance and they finally awaken to their true path and Highest Soul mission on Earth.  The activation of codons and encodements within the DNA begins the process of ascension into Higher consciousness, multidimensional Being, multilocationality and attunement to a broader bandwidth of light, energy and information.  This activation allows the DNA to evolve into a recursive structure that self-repairs and corrects inherited flaws and faults.  The Starseed becomes a beacon of Higher-dimensional Light to serve others as he/she holds the vibrational resonance of empathy, love, peace, harmony and joy.  The advanced energetic blueprint of the Starseed is a subtle transmission that works to deconstruct the illusory traps of Third Dimensional Earth and its needless complications, convolutions and mass-addiction to acquisition.  The Starseeds are powerful change agents because they are synonymous with simplicity, purity, truth and integrity.

We note also that the activation and awakening of the Starseed most likely will herald a process of deep internal enquiry by the individual, and examination of all aspects of Self and what you term as identity in ego-based third dimensional expression.

In the early years of earthly life and even into adulthood the young Starseed often feels displaced and dissociated from the group.  Irrespective of their location many never feel like they`re truly home and these children can experience a sense of perpetual isolation as they float way out on the periphery.  However many of the children now incarnating on Earth, and since 2012, are birthing as primed Starseeds – activated, whole and replete with strong remembrance of previous incarnations of Source and holding a deep knowing that there is some kind of invisible network supporting them.  These children carry live encodements within their DNA and come into this incarnation already attuned to the crystalline matrix of Higher-dimensional energies and multidimensional consciousness.  These youngsters will simply be unable to access the dense energetics of hate, fear, greed, separation, duality-consciousness and aggression of Third Dimensional Earth.

We see Starseeds as a subset of the Lightworker community because not all Lightworkers are Starseeds.  Whilst Starseeds and Lightworkers disseminate Light energy and Truth, Lightworkers hold and transmit the structures of Light currently in existence and available in the physical plane whereas Starseeds bring in, anchor and transmit advanced, galactic energy signatures, building new Light structures and repairing galactic grid systems.  Starseeds are the manifestation of Galactic consciousness in the material plane.  Starseeds may bring through new technologies and sophisticated Healing modalities and some Starseeds integrate and anchor new cosmic Light codes (filaments of Light information) into the Earth`s gridlines while others simply hold and transmit a higher energetic spin to benefit those around them.  And then there are the Winged Starseeds and these include the angelic, the extraterrestrial and the Time Masters.  All Starseed missions serve to advance, benefit and heal humanity and Earth.

Try one of these ….

During this time of increasing Light and accelerated purging we are here to be of service to you, dear one.  To help you transmute any surfacing negativity so that you may once again move into your sacred space of peace, trust and flow simply call on us for an energetic attunement.  From your quiet space of meditation, expanded awareness and communion with the Higher energies, and once you have connected with your spiritual support teams simply call forward Fluma of the Royal Avian Star Tribes and ask to receive a 12th Dimensional Galactic Energetic Attunement direct from the Divine Cosmic Heart, the Great Central Sun.  We will be there instantly and you`ll enjoy the wash of blissful, supportive, pulsating, pure galactic Source energy immersing you, restoring you to a tranquil and expanded state of Being, elevating your vibration and personal consciousness.  Call on us and we`ll be there.

You are loved and admired beyond measure.

 Star (starseeds)
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