Be Patient With Yourself

The Gaia codes have accelerated ancestral healing 

It’s been fascinating to discover through January and February how the Gaia codes that emerged through last November’s 11:11 Gateway (11th of November 2021) are greatly accelerating ancestral clearing and the purging of familial karmic load, but I guess it stands to reason when you consider that karma is stored in the Earth.  I had thought that the purgative process couldn’t get much quicker or broader after the Atlantis frequency re-emerged but seemingly Healing has gone to a whole new level in 2022.        

Ancestral healing occurs as a by-product of personal Healing in those individuals who have been tasked with this assignment as part of their Soul contract in this incarnation (though they may have no conscious awareness of this at the outset of their Healing journey).  It’s exciting to see how the gorgeous Gaia codes (filaments of intelligent photonic Light) that we received in late 2021 and which issued forth from the Sacred Heart of the Earth have greatly amplified the purging of generational trauma and historic karmic binds and patterns.

I wrote the following article back in 2019 but the theme of healing generational trauma and the release of karmic burden and repetitive familial narratives has greater relevance today and will only increase going forward.

Purging Density From Familial Timelines

A necessary point to make here is that the game-changing Gaia codes in fact hold an echo of the Constellation Crux and, after some reinterpretation in the Heart flame of Gaia, are duplicating the Divine Feminine Light codes streaming into Earth’s Southern portal from our steadfast wing-lady, the Southern Cross. 

The Light Arts : Working With Earth`s Southern Portal

So, in essence, a key element of the Gaia codes and their impact on familial healing is that they are delivering the Light and love of the Divine Feminine principle back through old and dense, low-frequency Timelines and ancestral narratives that lacked balance or where harm and grief were generated. 

Importantly, it is your Healing that opens the door for this retroactive work.  Ancestral healing is enabled by your transfiguration and the recalibration of your electromagnetic field which holds all record of what has been and what is yet to come, including multidimensionally.  More specifically, your Earth Star Chakra which houses your Akashic record, and your Pineal gland gateway both play a chief role in the healing of historic Timelines.      

Clearing & Upgrading The Earth Star Chakra

Very simply, your Light-Body creates an energetic link back to the past via high-frequency intelligent Light and that connection allows you to skip back along Time threads taking fragments of Light with you.  Your Healing facilitates the unification of outworn Timelines and stale narratives into a single new high-vibrational Time spiral, and as such your part and agency as a convergence node is beautifully fulfilled.

Old Timelines Expire While Present Time Stretches

The privilege sometimes requires patience

It should be said that occasionally during this vast and complex process some will experience a sense of regression, as though they have slipped backwards.  This indicates that deeper layers of density – this includes repressed emotion and uncomfortable buried truths – are being unearthed and dredged up.  Old DNA-held beliefs, emotional patterns and mental programmes, pain and wounding are surfacing and clearing, not only from the cells but your entire energy matrix including the subconscious mind.  This is `the stuff` you’ve been carrying around for years like a dead weight in your backpack – baggage which no longer serves you and which you are ready to drop – but the old must be released in order to create the space for the new to enter and anchor in your Being. 

Oftentimes we need to go back before we can move forward and in fact that sense of regression typically precedes a major personal breakthrough and watershed moment in your Healing journey.

Please be patient with yourself as you move through this phase of the purging process.  Those bumps and edges typically ease in a few days and the glorious payoff on the other side sure makes the journey worth it as you regain the sense of your ancient power, your original divine essence and fullest expression of Soul here on Earth.

Patience - Ancestral Healing


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