Levelling Up in 2022 : In The Groove with Gaia and The Galactics Via Heart Energy

December 2021 Solstice Gateway :  a new arc of Time and creation

For you, the Starseeds and the Awakened ones, last month’s Solstice portal represented the culmination point of some timely restructuring in your Light-Body and this modification was sparked by the new Light codes that emerged through the 11:11 and 12:12 initiation portals (11th of November and 12th of December 2021).  This recent expansion focussed on the Heart Chakra and the axiatonal lines that run through it, and by design has altered the subaudible pitch emitting from the electromagnetic field of your entire Heart centre. 

Note :  the immense electromagnetic field of your Heart centre incorporates your Heart chakra, Higher Heart chakra, your physical Heart muscle and the Sacred Heart that exists within the physical Heart.

Axiatonal Alignment With The Grids Of Cosmic Intelligence

Your Heart Chakra has been rejigged with yet new energetic templates and blueprints that are allowing a higher-frequency bandwidth of transmission of new Light and this advanced, coded information is simultaneously streamed way out to our Star families and down into the Sacred Heart of our planet.  Your upgraded Heart centre, along with further activations in your 12-strand Light DNA are facilitating your greater agency as a convergence node between the Heart of Gaia and the Cosmic Heart and excitingly, this is impacting not only collective humanity but other realms and parallel planes of existence and more broadly, The Field.  

This is all rather gorgeous given the numerology of 2022 – a 6 Universal year.  The 6 vibration resonates with Heart energy as it nurtures beauty, harmony, balance, co-operation within division, community and togetherness, caring and relationship.  It ensures that pure Heart connection is prioritised.  

The rising consciousness on Earth now beckons the Starseeds and the Awakened ones to greater Universal service and a burgeoning participatory role for it is your open and clear fifth dimensional Heart centre that is the very coalescence point between the earthly and the celestial.  The modified and refined tonal quality of your Heart’s song speaks to the Cosmos, to our Galactic tribes and our Star families via the sound currents and the crystalline axiatonal network.  Reciprocal and responsive, this subtle grid system of shared intelligence reconnects us back to our Galactic heritage. 

Your vastly expanded Light-Body now serves as a Vesica Piscis balance-creation-trinity portal.  The sacred Vesica Piscis symbol is comprised of two overlapping spheres that form an almond shape in the centre called the Mandorla.  It is the root element of the Flower of Life and is said to be the origin of most sacred geometry.  Considered to be the womb of all existence the Vesica Piscis represents equilibrium, creation, birth, and the merging of the spiritual with the physical, therefore you as a Universal Creator Being are bridging the metaphysical with physicality. 

This is conscious co-creation and creational responsibility at the Eighth Dimensional Solar level.  Be in no doubt that your subconscious mind innately recognises the great power and knowledge held within the Vesica Piscis image below.     

The Mandorla Trinity Portal That Is Your Awakened Heart

Levelling Up in 2022 : Meditate In The Sphere

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