Levelling Up in 2022 : Meditate In The Sphere

A wave of sizzling electrical energy blazed through the earthly plane last Tuesday, the 11th of January, sweeping through our Light-Bodies and charging up the adjustments and upgrades that we received in late 2021.  Those modifications have now fully integrated through every level of your Being and consciousness and are beginning to have unbridled expression and practical application in your lived experience.  Off the back of November/December’s intense and busy skies the current Mercury Retrograde (beginning 13th of January) is most welcome, nudging us all to slow right down and reassess pretty much every aspect of our lives. 

Since the dawning of the December 2021 Solstice portal (three days in duration) repeating visions of the sphere have been coming through, presenting in different colours.  Referencing sacred geometry’s association with the elements, the perfection of the sphere represents the infinite and limitless nature of consciousness, symbolizing that which has no beginning and no end.  The sphere is associated with the Crown chakra and it holds the vibration of oneness and unity, ultimate wholeness and completion.  The sphere represents the optimal state of balance that is achieved when the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of Self are in divine and total coherence.    

Simple yet foundational, the spherical form can be seen everywhere in the natural world and each of the five platonic solids (the basis of all structure and the building blocks of all life) fits perfectly within the sphere.  

Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.  – Blaise Pascal, French mathematician


If this suggestion resonates with you and feels like the right fit, try introducing coloured spheres into your meditation practice :

Visualise pale blue light cascading down from the Cosmic Heart, washing through your Higher chakras and forming a sphere in your Throat chakra.  The Throat is the access point to notional conceptual abstract thought.  At this centre we move into conscious creation, surrendering to divine Will, relinquishing the need to control, letting go of the need to intellectualise.  Visualise the pale blue sphere expanding to envelop your body and auric field.     

Alternatively, visualise a stream of vivid turquoise blue light rising up from the Earth Heart centre, the very core of Gaia.  The ascended Heart of Gaia presents as a gorgeous turquoise blue.  Envision the light ascending through your Earth Star Chakra (beneath your feet), and upwards through your lower chakras to form a sphere at your Heart Chakra, eventually expanding the sphere to envelop your body and auric field.  Turquoise attunes the physical to the spiritual and promotes spiritual awakening, uniting the celestial and the earthly, unifying the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine.                

It’s worth noting that colour represents a vibrational plane that provides access to ancient wisdom and higher consciousness, and your electromagnetic field responds to this higher-dimensional Light.  The coloured Light activates within your DNA a matching geometric formation of intelligent Light that mirrors the frequency of these transmutational colours. 

Introducing colour into your meditation practice initiates profound alchemy.

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