Crux Light and Gaia’s Ascending Kundalini

2021 Lion’s Gate : as we go so goes Earth/Gaia

Hot on the heels of last week’s illuminating Lion’s Gate 8:8 portal (8th of August) our Star family from the constellation Crux (the Southern Cross) is inviting us to participate in the accelerating rise of consciousness that is occurring on our planet.  Crux presence and consciousness (aligned with the Divine Feminine) is calling the awakened and awakening ones to work with the new high-frequency Light codes that are flooding into Earth’s Southern portal and streaming into her core.  This intelligent coded Light carries fresh instructions for the creation of new energetic templates for the ascending Earth/Gaia consciousness.

(Context :  each year the Lion’s Gate offers the opportunity to up shift into new levels of Awareness and knowing, to lift your spiritual aspirations.  Sirian starseeded consciousness and presence (aligned with the Sacred Masculine) oversees and lovingly guides us through this powerful stargate for Sirius is our ascended star-brother, our spiritual exemplar, and notably these blessings of Light and creation are magnified now that the sparkling new Age of Aquarius is anchored in collective mass-consciousness.  The star system Sirius is one of Earth’s nearest neighbours and at the time of the Lion’s Gate moves closer to Earth and aligns with our sun – a stationing known as the Sirian-Solar alignment.)

(Gaia the Earth Goddess is the primordial divine feminine Earth Mother, the revered and ultimate goddess of primal maternal power)

In the paradigm of the golden Aquarian Age your expanding Awareness is nurturing the swift (re)union of your open-hearted Soul Self with both the Cosmic Heart and the Earth/Gaia Heart ;  your elevated consciousness and remembrance of your galactic heritage is serving the graceful coalescence of the three sacred Heart centres and this Divine merge serves as the genesis of the ascended Earth/Gaia – the moment of renaissance of our planet into the New Earth

Flowing into the Southern portal from our perennial and unfailing wing-lady, the constellation Crux are harmonized Light codes of high consciousness and these filaments of Light infuse the crystalline Light grids of knowledge that penetrate Earth/Gaia and run through to her centre.  And the coiled Kundalini that resides there is beginning to unfurl and rise just as it has in you, Starseed

The Light Arts : Working With Earth`s Southern Portal

Kundalini is the supreme life force.  It is the creational healing power of the Divine Feminine – it is your fiery inner serpent energy.  This snake-like energy rests at the base of the spine when dormant but as it awakens the Kundalini rises and flows unimpeded through open and clear Chakras.  This transformational process facilitates expansion into your divine essence and convergence with The All That Is, and it’s occurring in parallel for Earth/Gaia too. 

Turquoise light represents unity with Gaia’s ascended Heart

The ascended Gaia Heart – the innermost nucleus of our planet – presents as a gorgeous Turquoise Light and these beautiful Light geometries convey information and a formative principle as they heal and reorganise.

Tranquil Turquoise is a very efficient healer, providing solace for the Spirit and well-being for the physical body.  It is one of the oldest healing stones in history, serving as a healing instrument for ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures.  Turquoise attunes the physical to the spiritual and promotes spiritual awakening, uniting the celestial and the earthly, unifying the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  Being one of the Throat Chakra stones it is a gentle truth-seeker, enhancing communication in both the physical and metaphysical realms.  It promotes self-realization and the fullest expression of Soul.  

Turquoise strengthens the meridians of the body and the subtle energy fields and boosts physical and psychic immunity.  Protective and purifying, cooling and calming, Turquoise possesses anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.

Turquoise instils calm in the mental body and nervous system and stabilizes the emotions. 

Meditate with Turquoise light

Visualise the beautiful Turquoise blue light swirling at the core of Mother Earth/Gaia deep beneath you, then kinaesthetically feel the vibrational resonance of the Turquoise as you begin to merge with the sacred Heart of the Earth, the core of Gaia.  Next, draw the Turquoise light up through the strata of Earth/Gaia, immersing your Earth Star chakra (beneath your feet), moving through your foot Chakras, flooding into the Base Chakra, travelling up your spine and washing each of the major Chakras, spending extra time at the Heart centre. 

It’s worth noting that colour represents a vibrational plane that provides access to ancient wisdom and higher consciousness, and your electromagnetic field responds to this higher-dimensional Light.  The Light activates within your DNA a matching geometric formation of intelligent Light that mirrors the frequency of Turquoise.  Such perfection!

Introducing colour into your meditation practice initiates profound alchemy.

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