A Gift of Blue Agate Light from the Constellation Draco

Winter Solstice June 2021 – a turning point

Much has been written of this month`s busy skies and dynamic astrology but yesterday`s sacred Winter Solstice offers respite, encouraging stillness, rest and reflection.  This is most timely and welcome on the back of the recent Eclipses which always bring to Light what has been hidden and what remains unresolved.  Winter Solstice is one of the most powerful energy gateways of the year (three days in duration) when Earth stops and pauses on her axis before changing direction.  Winter is the season of contraction and turning inward, and the protracted darkness of the year`s longest night reminds us of the need to go within, to ponder the shadowiness and murk but with the intention to spur growth and transfiguration.  In so doing you too may well shift your direction as you birth a fresh upgraded identity, and furthermore, by honouring these significant energy gateways you harmonize your personal consciousness with the natural cycles of our planet and the cosmos.  

Remember too that the energetics and frequency of the current Age of Aquarius greatly amplify the healing potential of these Stargate portals but thankfully our Star families are ever-present and reliably on hand, offering graceful assistance and Love on this, our journey of ascension. Courtesy of the Light Draco a gorgeous vision of delicate, crystalline lilac blue Light presented in the midst of the Eclipses leading up to Solstice, and given the intensity and potency of June`s astrological influences this download of galactic wisdom offers superb healing support. This particular starseeded transmission of sparkling photonic Light emitted from the Constellation Draco and it holds the healing power and vibratory resonance of Blue Lace Agate crystal.

Visionary, nonconformist, determined and highly perceptive, the Light Draco are playing a key role on Earth at this time for they are born leaders and motivators. Their presence on our planet serves to drive the process of necessary change but importantly their influence assists and emboldens you to spearhead profound change at the personal level and become a trail blazer in and for your own life.

Soft and soothing, Blue Lace Agate`s banded, circular flowing energy calms, centres, stabilizes and elevates. The vibration of Blue Lace Agate resonates with the Throat chakra : this crystal opens and clears the Throat centre and promotes diplomatic communication, helping you articulate your personal Truth and be heard and understood in challenging situations.  It fortifies your Will and bolsters your intent to prioritise what is important.  Blue Lace Agate prevents the repression of emotion and truth as it nurtures new self-expression.  It refines perception, reveals what is being denied, hidden or avoided and is an excellent stone for balancing emotional, intellectual and physical energy.  

Blue Lace Agate is a tremendous crystal for spiritual growth and expanding into new levels of Awareness and appreciation of the interconnectedness of all life.   

If it feels like the right fit try introducing the beautiful lilac blue into your meditation, washing it through each of your chakras and taking extra time at the Throat.  Working with this colour will help clear what is blocking your Creator energy and creative expression while nurturing your gentle regeneration and renewal though the winter.  Working with colour initiates profound alchemy.Draco Blue Agate Light June 2021

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