Sacred Union Between The Atlantis Frequency And Gaia

The 12:12 portal – 12th of December 2021

This year’s 11:11 and 12:12 Gateway initiations (11th of November and 12th of December) offer accelerated purification, healing and transfiguration into new levels of Awareness and Being for you and for the collective.  This year these two influential Light portals herald the union of the Atlantis frequency with the Heart of Gaia.  The influxes of new Light codes that poured through last month’s 11:11 stargate originated in Gaia’s ascended Heart and were conveyed to your Light-Body and Chakra system via the information network of crystalline axiatonal grids that traverse and penetrate Earth and which span the galaxies and the cosmos.   

The prevailing death-creation Phoenix energy and your process of purging dense DNA-held patterns, tired programmes, old karmic binds and defensive conditioning has created space for the new.  Your catharsis has allowed the activation of dormant DNA codes and Source/Soul elements that you have carried forward to this incarnation, including the Atlantean codices of true sovereignty that are triggering the remembrance of your original prehistoric power and your galactic heritage.

Evoking Atlantean Aspects

Gaia is the primordial divine feminine Earth Mother, the very Soul of our planet.  In Greek mythology Gaia was revered as the ultimate goddess of primal maternal power, the supreme nurturer and giver of life.  She nourishes and sustains all life.  Gaia consciousness is the Love and innate wisdom of perfect equilibrium and symbiosis – self-regulating and self-preserving with all elements working in harmony. 

This marriage of the re-emergent Atlantis frequency with the Heart of Gaia ensures that there’ll be no fall from Grace this time round.  No corruption, no taint, no descent into the shadow.  The first Atlantis test run might have failed some 12,000 years ago but it won’t this time for Atlantean kingliness will be firmly anchored in Heart energy – grounded in the Heart flame of Gaia and expressed through your awakened 5-D Heart Chakra.  Having reached critical mass in 2016/2017 in terms of the numbers of awakened Souls on Earth we’ve come too far to lapse back into the the old.   

Visualising Turquoise light during your meditation practice connects you with the Heart of Gaia.

Crux Light and Gaia’s Ascending Kundalini

The 11:11 and 12:12 Light portals and the codes of remembrance

The sacred geometry of the 11:11 and 12:12 dates is multidimensional and aligned with activation.  Waves of Light and Light codes stream through these portals or openings each year and they act as a catalyst for profound evolutionary change.  In numerology eleven is a master number :  it symbolizes enlightenment, spiritual insight and wisdom, greater intuition and alchemy from the physical to the divine.  It is said that every person on Earth has the sacred geometry of the 11:11 and the 12:12 encoded in their DNA and that these genetic codes are triggered as you expand through your process of healing and Ascension. 

These powerful Light codes (filaments of intelligent Light) accelerate our collective Awakening and the rise of mass-consciousness on our planet.  They facilitate our evolution from the carbon-based earthly into fifth-dimensional/multidimensional crystalline Light and the reactivation of our prototypal twelve-strand Light DNA. 

Addendum :  in the following article I talk about the Gaia codes having an impact on generational karmic load and the clearing of familial trauma.  The article was published on 23rd of February 2022.  

Be Patient With Yourself

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