The Mandorla Trinity Portal That Is Your Awakened Heart

The 2:2 Energy Gateway – 2nd of February 2022

Commencing around the time of last year’s 11:11 Energy Gateway (11th of November 2021) when we received new Light codes from the Heart of Gaia, a clarion call issued forth via the sound currents and network of crystalline axiatonal lines and this call came not only from Gaia’s ascended Heart but from our Star families and from the Higher realms.  Those Awakened Souls now aligned with the Light of fifth dimensional consciousness and the post-2012 New Earth will be stepping it up to a new level of multidimensional and multi-locational service in this golden Age of Aquarius

The Awakened Hearts on Earth represent a legion of Light-bearers now operating in 8th Dimensional Solar consciousness and critically, this Light Force of individuals has initiated a new arc of Time and creation that is impacting the cosmos.  For the Starseeds and Awakened Hearts, your creativity and creational influence ascended to a whole new level during last week’s 2:2:22 Stargate, a portal of pure abundance and divine manifestation that is encouraging you to live your passion and align with your highest Soul purpose.     

Now, if this all sounds a little too esoteric for you and just a bit ‘out there’ then please consider this :  much of your Universal Service/Service to Other occurs at the subconscious level via the medium of your vastly expanded Vesica Piscis Light-Body.  The sacred geometric Vesica Piscis symbol comprises two overlapping spheres that form an almond shape in the centre called the Mandorla.  The Vesica Piscis represents the balance-creation-trinity portal. 

According to :  these two overlapping circles contain a lot of information hidden in plain sight.  It’s a simple but very powerful manifestation symbol containing the secrets of the Universe. … It contains the numbers √2, √3 and √5.  These numbers continue infinitely behind the decimal point without a repetitive pattern, which is quite unique.  Those numbers were used by ancient civilizations in their structures and buildings but are also found throughout nature.

Into the bargain, recent upgrades to your Heart chakra have altered the subaudible pitch emitting from the electromagnetic field of your entire Heart centre and so your Heart’s subtle language is now conveying updated information down to the Heart of Gaia and out to the Galactic Core. 

Note :  the almighty electromagnetic field of your Heart centre incorporates your Heart chakra, Higher Heart chakra, your physical Heart muscle and the Sacred Heart that exists inside the physical Heart.

Levelling Up in 2022 : In The Groove with Gaia and The Galactics Via Heart Energy

The Mandorla that is your modified Heart centre represents the divine trinity for it is a birthing portal that merges the spiritual with the physical and brings the unformed into form.  It is an information exchange centre, allowing for the upload of ancient knowledge held in your DNA, and the downloading of galactic and Universal Light codes streaming in from off-world.  Within the Mandorla this raw data and elemental Light substance is reinterpreted and reformatted into a usable integrable form, not only giving it practical application in your lived experience but so that it can have a healing and benevolent effect on others.  

The Human condition (especially of the old 3rd dimensional Earth) is defined by duality and the tests that arise from having to negotiate the dense dichotomy of the fallen-consciousness binary mindset – us/them, right/wrong, masculine/feminine etc etc.  However, your open and pure Heart acts as the bridge, not only at the microcosmic level but Universally too.  Your Heart centre Mandorla croons away, moment-to-moment working its loving and unifying magic at the subconscious level. 

The Light Arts : Working With Earth`s Southern Portal

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