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Mercury Retrograde : 16th November until 6th December 2018

Ohhh yes …some serious sofa time is perfect right now.  I`m loving the sluggish, drowsy feel of this current Retrograde – timely and most welcome after the phenomenal power and blessings of the Triple 11 Gateway earlier this month.  Given the preparatory nature of the wider cosmic influences since the 10/10 Stargate (10th of October) and the new Angelic Light Frequencies of the Triple 11 stirring up the emotional detritus and discarding yet more of what is no longer needed, it feels like there`s a radical reboot occurring at the moment, readying us for renewal.

There`s no compelling to this Retrograde energy – no push, no jostle, no bother, no doggedness.  It has the vibe of rest and recreation to it.  Mind you, Mercury is my ruling planet so maybe I`m feeling the Retrograde`s influence more keenly than some.  Nevertheless, in no uncertain terms it is calling us to change gears and chill.  This Retrograde is urging us to unwind, to relax, revive and to make space for what is to come in 2019.

Don`t be fooled by the feeling of inertia for in the aftermath of the recent Triple 11 Gateway deep transformation is developing right now.  The land has been tilled, the seeds scattered.  Beneath the external/physical passivity there is much internal/subtle activity taking place.  In the stillness there is cultivation.

Poor Mercury cops a bit of bad press when it is in reversal but I love it because these Retrogrades are an opportune time for reflection.  I am basking in the slow, tranquil feel of this Retrograde but the truth is, the old version of me would`ve had some resistance to it.  Fact is, the person I used-to-be was a total workaholic.  Work was my addiction and the ideal distraction and diversion from the inner discord I had yet to heal.  I used work to get away from boyfriends, I used work to stay away from family.  Anything around which I had unresolved issues and repressed truth, I would from hide from through work.  Work made me feel better.  I wonder what the old version of me would make of the modified, loafing model of today because it is the absolute antithesis of the person I once was.

The old Third Dimensional Earth had us conditioned to keep busy, to always be achieving, but that mindset feels to me unsettling and disruptive, as though it`s a form of irritation to the quantum field.  Why do we feel the need to go and do?  The compulsion to exert effort all the time.  Maybe it is the curse of diminishing relevance :  the idea that if you`re not out somewhere toiling away and being “useful” then you`re somehow peripheral and lesser.  In the new, post-2012 5D Earth, there is no struggle, no striving, no chasing or clutching because that`s not how The Field of co-creativity operates.  We`re in a new matrix of higher-dimensional energy where less endeavour attracts greater manifestation.

Mercury Retrograde gives us a little nudge to have a re-think and review.  Re-assess our priorities.  Re-align with our Heart and our Truth.  Refine our choices.  Get clear about what really matters.  These cosmic influences greatly support introspection, release and resolution.

Anyway, I`ve got a rendezvous with the sofa …`til next time.

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