Out Of The Cobalt Blue : A Transmission From Sirius

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The 2020 Lion`s Gate Stargate :  26 July – 13 August

A brand new Planetary/Galactic year began on 26th of July heralding the beginning of the annual Lion`s Gate portal, and a couple of days after this portal opened we were blessed with a download of fiery, electrical, starseeded Light codes.  This gift of photonic, intelligent Light issued forth from our Sirian star family for the star system Sirius (a binary star) is Earth`s spiritual exemplar – our ascended star-brother.  Each year Sirian starseeded consciousness and energy oversees and lovingly guides us through this powerful stargate, and this year the Sirian presence came forth in a glorious, blazing, intense cobalt blue Light presentation.

Cobalt Blue Lions Gate 2020

The consciousness and vibrational resonance of the star system Sirius is strongly aligned with the Sacred Masculine aspect and the enlightened masculine traits of loving responsibility, divine Will, inspired action, perfect manifestation, illumined faith and courageous forward movement.  He linearizes Higher wisdom and insights and gives them practical application in the earthly plane.  His is not a patriarchal energy but one of gentle love and quiet determination as he provides and protects.  The solemn and deliberate Sirian influences are about getting us from A to B, advancing us forward to the next point in our earthly evolution of consciousness.  The fabulous and potent masculine Sirian Light is seeding the next wave of change and upgrades for Earth and humanity, driving and manifesting the next stage in our ascension.

These spectacular cobalt blue Light geometries of the 2020 Lion`s Gate bring the deepening understanding of your Galactic and star heritage, and the augmentation of  your Celestial star body (the upgraded Astral body).  The cobalt download serves to assist you in decoding, comprehending and recalling your multidimensional and multilocational experiences and the work you are doing during your travels.

The significance of colour

Intrinsically, colour is a Universal language and a medium of communication because frequency is Light and the varying properties of coloured Light deliver information.  The exceedingly high-frequency cobalt blue of this Lion`s Gate portal represents a vibrational plane that provides access to new awareness and knowing, and appreciation of your infinitude.  It is a wavelength that carries ancient wisdom for colour is a vehicle of Consciousness ; in the Higher dimensions and subtle realms colour is experienced as a fractal, multidimensional living field.  Moreover, these colour presentations trigger within your DNA a matching geometric formation that mirrors the frequency of these colours.

The psychological impact of cobalt blue is said to be sedating :  it is a colour that quietens physical energy and calms and soothes emotional energy.  Cobalt blue promotes concentration, inspires creative, expansive thinking, sharpens discernment of truth and it strengthens intuition and psychic abilities.  Significantly, cobalt blue bridges distance and acts as a connector – most apt at this time as baseline consciousness on our planet upshifts and Earth`s vibration increases yet again (as it did just prior to the 8:8 gateway, 8th of August).  The Sirian Light codes and information embodied in the cobalt blue reunite you with the stars from whence you came.  If you feel so inclined you might like to introduce this glorious colour into your meditation.

Each year the Lion`s Gate portal brings the opportunity to initiate and manifest a fresh, pristine Time spiral of new Light, creation, service and blessings – to accelerate your Highest chosen path.  It ushers in evolutionary Light codes that serve to restructure and make way for a greater amount of Light to be held in your DNA and Light-Body.  It offers freedom from subversion, control and manipulation.  It delivers alchemy in this time of awakening and clarifying, all catalyzed by the covid event.

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