Polarity : It`s Par For The Course

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Someone recently asked me whether everyone gets to benefit from all the downloads and Light-Body upgrades that are coming in.

Naively, I used to believe that each of us – every single person on this planet – was receiving and integrating all the lovely influxes of Light and information that flood into the earthly plane every time we pass through an energy gateway or Stargate.  Not anymore.  The contrasting 3-D/5-D two-world split is becoming more diametrical as the level of consciousness in the awakened continues to evolve and expand while the 3-D`ers dig in and bunker down, becoming more rigid in their beliefs and judgments, holding tighter than they possibly ever did to ingrained perceptions and bias.  This polarization has become starkly evident in people I`ve known for years and from around 2015 it became pretty clear that there`d be no free passes in this shift in consciousness.

It seems as though the journey into 5-D consciousness (and well beyond) calls for some humility from the outset, as if some breakage is necessary, some degree of personal crisis that precipitates the unfurling, the opening up, the vulnerability, the questioning, the process of self-enquiry, the courage to undertake frank self-assessment, the willingness to let go of the stuff that may`ve defined you and even limited you, the uncomfortable scrutiny of one`s own choices.  The catharsis you undertake as you retrieve the lost pieces serves as your personal ordination.  The author and healer Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy likes to say that you can`t take your baggage with you on this particular trip.  Amen to that.

Aligning with the energetic of the post-2012 New Earth calls for openness and receptivity in order to be able to integrate the new Light.  It asks for an open heart, soft eyes and a curious and adaptable mind and it demands some sincere effort, some legwork.  Most of all, it requires guts to create the void for the new to come in.

The dichotomy between the 3D-5D two-world split and the magnetic resonance of the two divergent levels of consciousness is drawing and manifesting strikingly different lived experience in the two polarities.  The shifting energy state we currently exist in and the codes of disruption and change are leaving many feeling constantly buffeted by external drama and chaos, feeling a sense of confusion, bewilderment, anger and frustration, as though life is heavy going and even traumatic while the addiction to smartphones and the compulsion to seek data of any kind is rendering a growing number of people depressed and anxious.

Meanwhile, those who have experienced an upshift in awareness are enjoying conscious co-creation and the sense of ease and flow.  The angelic presence Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll calls it the new benevolent reality, explaining that the nature of physics has changed in reaction to the higher-dimensional Light and that the phenomena of the altered benevolent physics now means that everything is possible.

Ours is the planet of Free Will and to each his own.  There`s no wrong or right, no good or bad in the New Earth reality, it just is.  Take what resonates and leave the rest.

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