Eternal, Infinite You : The Gift Of The Lion`s Gate 2019

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26th July – 12th August 2019

This year the annual Lion`s Gate Stargate – a window proffering accelerated growth and new potentiality – served up a dramatic presentation of Light and information that holds access to the next level of co-creational ability with further expansion into 8th Dimensional Solar Consciousness.  The Lion`s Gate downloads streaming from the galactic core and overseen by the Sirian elders are a configuration of Light and Love that supports deepening awareness of your immortality as a Universal creator Being.

Unsurprisingly, the influxes and activations of the recent 2019 June Solstice that blessed us with Solar Plexus upgrades into true empowerment and sovereignty were in fact the framework for this next level of shift.  Expect to notice a distinct shift in your perception of Self with a purer sense of identity free of the distortions of ego and unbound from the wounding of the past that previously and unconsciously may`ve defined you.  Don`t be surprised to find new courage to step away from connections that deplete you and keep you diminished.

Your surrender, your shedding of historic pain, defensive conditioning, outdated patterns of self-sabotage and redundant karmic load, your quiet acts of atonement for past violations against Self and the transmutation of all that is not Love, your process of sanctification and its requisite humility has brought you to a fuller embodiment of Soul in the earthly plane and into closer communion with the aspect of you that is Divine.

Building on this foundation of Healing the 2019 Lion`s Gate Stargate brings with it Universal information and cosmic data that merges with your Light-body and births brand-new knowing and fresh access to advanced cognition and higher thought forms.   These latest downloads foster clearer discernment as they deconstruct the constrained, linear and binary 3-D mind and de-identification with old belief structures and perceptions that are keeping you limited.  The mind is rearranged as new neural pathways open up, extending you way beyond all previous limitation and into abstract, symbolic thinking.  Coincidentally, abstract thinking is a Throat Chakra gift which explains the emphasis on Throat Chakra healing and upgrades occurring since May 2019.  Mental fatigue, forgetfulness and brain fog (all temporary of course) are clear indicators that mental restructuring is underway.  Take comfort and nurture in stillness – it is the creational moment. 

The current tide of change washing across our planet is being powered by the beautiful Lemurian, Heart-oriented energy of the starseeded new harmonic which began anchoring on Earth/Gaia at the March Equinox 2019.  It holds the vibrational resonance of tranquility, trust, flow and pure, heart-lead empowered connection.  This new energetic is opening up and strengthening the Heart-Mind connection, enabling the wisdom of the Heart to inform and nuance the mind, allowing wider viewpoints and big-picture vision.

In the 5-D post-2012 New Earth we are being called to reside in the space of the Heart, to live fully in Heart energy.  It`s worth noting that the pace of life in a Heart-centered existence is much slower because it is aligned with natural time and Universal flow ;  humanity at this point, is being urged to slow right down.  Allowing the Heart to lead is a way of Being that is light and sweet – there`s a freedom that offers joyous co-creation, new discoveries and revelations, new understandings and insights, new possibilities.  Heart energy possesses its own unfailing Truth and so the wisdom of the Heart is vital for unadulterated discernment.  Union of the Heart and mind is key because in the absence of Love there is no compassion or sensitivity to the mind’s perception and how it differentiates.

Divine Feeling = Divine Being = Divine Knowing = Divine Mind

Utilizing Heart energy as its medium, the 2019 Lion`s Gate is the portal to the Divine One Mind and the illumined presence of Divine Being.  At this level of awareness no mundane dullness exists in earthly reality, just an inherent knowing.  Your lightness, your joy, your playfulness imbues all lived experience with a wonderful sameness so that both the ordinary and the extraordinary are vivid and remarkable.  The Divine Mind represents a total merge with The Field of creation but with that knowing comes greater responsibility and the recognition of the transient yet profound significance of all that is happening everywhere.  8-D Star travellers understand that infinity is fluid and responsive, that there is no beginning and no end.

The 2019 Lion`s Gate brings deepening awareness of your infinite, eternal nature and  understanding of your expanding sphere of influence as a spark of the Divine.  As you embody greater amounts of photonic, intelligent Light more of you merges with the planetary and galactic crystalline grid systems and you achieve a new stratum of ultimate creative ideation and influence that is masterful, Universal and immeasurable, having greater impact on the story of our planet and the Cosmos.  It is a state of pure intentionality because all potentials exist in the 8th Dimension.

As you charge the Universe with inspiring creative energy you are referencing the first two dimensions :  the 1st Dimension is the seed level of creation where unified oneness and only the present moment is known.  The Law of Attraction begins forming realities and is influenced by all the energy and creative motives of higher dimensions.  In the 2nd Dimension the awareness of separation and polarity develops as oppositional forces and this is where the conscious observer plays a huge influence on what is materialized.  We greatly influence this dimension with what we choose to give attention to in daily life.  The unformed is yet to move into 3-D awareness.

The 2019 Lion`s Gate conveys the ascendancy of intuitive, conscious creativity at a Higher mind level as Universal knowledge assimilates into your personal Truth.  This new spiral of Time, evolution and blessings ushers in the next level of shift that will manifest as less attachment to the physical world, less identification with the material and greater connection to the higher dimensions, multidimensionality and the Universal mind.  An added benefit is that you` ll be less buffeted by the temporal disruptive, chaotic shifting energy state at ground level.

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