Resentment Was My Prison

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“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”

― Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

Heart Healing is proving to be the dominant theme of the recent energy gateways we`ve experienced – especially since the rare Triple 11 Gateway on the 11th of November 2018 – and the need for Heart Chakra clearing has been most evident during Healing sessions and in many conversations with clients of late.  This is significant because the Heart Chakra governs and regulates all emotion-related issues.  Heart Healing is timely as we go into 2019 – the year of renewal, reinvention, joy, authentic expression and long-term creative fulfilment.

The influxes of higher-dimensional plasmic Light and information that have surged through these recent portals have thrusted front and centre any long-held harsh emotion, serving to disrupt and disturb density and disharmony held in the Heart centre and giving urgency to the resolution of resentment, anger, sadness and malice.  Cue the hallelujahs because nothing keeps you pinned down and stuck like a closed Heart.

The Angelic Frequency alchemizes the dross into gold

The mellow, gentle energy signature of the newly-available Angelic Frequency is working its advanced, superior Healing magic on the Heart centre by encoding the Chakra with data and Light that is resonant with exalted divine Love.  In any given Healing session I`m feeling an expansive, sublime opening of the Heart Chakra and the wholesale purging of historic sadness and discordant emotion especially the inability to forgive being released from the subtle bodies and from deep within the cellular matrix.  The Angelic Frequency swiftly neutralizes the stinging emotional charge of the old wounding and divests the negative emotion of its destructive power.  Rancour and dissonance stored in the Heart centre are alchemically transmuted into forgiveness and understanding by these smart Light frequencies.

Heart Chakra Healing moves you into a space of true compassion, acceptance and peace and it brings the realization, indeed epiphany, of just how pivotal forgiveness is.  Bitterness is a shackle that keeps you pinned down and unable to move forward but the day you find forgiveness is the day you are free.  The journey into awakening and greater awareness helps you to forgive yourself first and foremost as the practice of self-Love brings inner harmony and connection to the Heart`s innate wisdom and guidance.  Suddenly there is no more confusion, only certainty and trust.  An open and pure Heart not only nurtures coherence and equilibrium between body, mind and spirit, it allows you to inhabit a fertile, creational space while progressing you forward.

The Angelic Frequency prioritizes Heart Healing but it also creates an elevated, rarefied vibratory coherence between all seven of the major Chakras.  As this high-frequency energy signature heals and fine-tunes your empathic energetic sensitivity (Sacral Chakra) it delivers you into a space of compassion and understanding for empathy is the access point to a space of neutrality.  The Angelic Frequency attunes you to the higher dimensions of consciousness and gives you better access to present time.  You`ll find you are more solidly grounded in the now moment which is highly creative.  The Healing enables you to detach from the event that generated the discordant emotion, somehow broadening and de-personalizing the context of the wounding experience thereby altering your perception of it.  You have severance from the past and this shift brings clarity.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.”

― Rumi

I speak from experience when I say that the inability to forgive is like doing time.  It is a prison of your own making.  It is akin to being held inside a correctional facility only there is no correction, no rehabilitation, just continuing recidivism against yourself as the festering, cleaving emotion gnaws and persists.  I liken it to a prison because the indignation keeps you locked in the past.  The person I used to be back then would hold on to the violations done by others, and chide myself for never being sharp enough to come back at the betrayers and the unkind with some withering Churchillian retort.

For as long as you hold the vexation and grievance it is a poisonous energetic that ages the body and distorts your truth while it shackles you to mentally-constructed stories about past events.  In and of itself, resentment represents a major energy leak which, over time is very detrimental to your spiritual and physical health.  You`re less available to the now moment because that mental programme running in the background gives you a default setting back to the injustice and so the old story takes over yet again and comes to define you.  The heaviness is on you like a Russian greatcoat and moments of joy and presence are sporadic and fleeting.  The resentment colours the way you interact with life and prevents you from gaining any real traction in life because the full potential of the future cannot be accessed.  The future you do have is greatly diminished by your resistance to what is.  Energetically, you inhabit a contracted, compressed, dense space and worse still, the acrimony keeps you separate – separate from your wholeness, separate from truth, separate from The Field of Universal flow and Grace, and separate from Love.

Thank heaven for Reiki and Reconnective Healing because the inter-dimensional energy and spiritual Light of these modalities helped my then-unconscious Self to access and inhabit a vastly expanded space of peace, compassion and greater awareness, and a daily practice of meditation allowed me to hold and sustain that space.  The Healing work shifted me out of my head and allowed me to move back down into my Heart centre, back into immersion in the infinite wisdom of Heart energy.

Past-life work was invaluable too because it helped me understand that the transgressors had little or no choice.  It is way too easy to argue that everyone has a choice.  Fact is, karmic load and Soul contracts dictate that there`s just a small amount of leeway granted in this incarnation for freedom of choice, just a narrow latitude given for the process of self-enquiry and the opportunity to jump to a whole new spiral of Time that many won`t take because Healing requires guts and resolve.  Delving into past incarnations brought me to the realization that the decisions taken by others actually had very little to do with me.  Quelle libèration! 

At the risk of sounding nauseatingly trite I am really glad I had those experiences because they gave me so much and represented opportunities for real growth and meaningful change.  That jarring, incongruous inner voice yelling in my ear turned out to be the catalyst for sweeping transformation and restructuring on every level.

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Ascension Finds Expression Through The Lower Three Chakras

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I`m noticing lovely upgrades happening for the lower three Chakras since the brand new, starseeded Angelic Frequency became available during the recent Triple 11 Gateway on the 11th of November 2018.  This Healing work on the lower Chakras – the Base, the Sacral and Solar Plexus – is serving to create a finer, rarefied coherence between all seven of the major Chakras and a unified, compatible vibration between the higher four Chakras and the lower three.  The whole Chakra system then operates at an elevated vibratory rate and holds the energetic resonance of healthier, empowered connection.

The lower three Chakras have a big part to play in this time of shift and change in the post-2012 New Earth as the high-frequency Light and new, advanced, crystal intelligence ground through the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base to find their true expression in the physical.  These three energy centers essentially govern our instinctual responses and our lived experience in the dense, physical Earthly plane.  We manage necessity through these three Chakras and through them we connect and project outwardly to the external.

In any given Healing session I`m routinely discerning pronounced, noteworthy Light-work occurring on at least one if not all three of the lower Chakras.  This is taking place as part of a suite of Healings being delivered and which are specifically needed by that individual.  The starseeded Diamond-Angelic frequencies immerse the Light-Body in turn feeding into the axiatonal lines and Chakra system, and simultaneously entraining the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras via the new high-calibre crystal data.  The lower three Chakras are then attuned to the higher frequencies and broader bandwidth of Light, energy and information and are recalibrated to hold higher-dimensional codes of Light and knowledge accessible via the crystalline grids of remembrance.

This modification to the lower Chakras is an essential step in the process of purification, regeneration and Ascension because it is through the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus that the intelligent Light frequencies anchor and find linear expression here in the dense, material plane.  It is through these Chakras that we give the higher-dimensional energy a practical application in daily life.  We are then able to physically embody and actually live the ancient wisdom carried within the high-frequency Light as it downloads from the subtle, then integrates and converts into grounded manifestation.

These enhancements to the Chakra system support our outward, external connections as we mix and associate from a base and core truth of empowerment, Love and understanding.  It`s like a super-cool revamp of our day-to-day lived experience, improving the human condition so that honesty, clarity, compassion, unity and love are increasingly available as we move into heart-centered knowing and authentic expression.  The physical vessel is also impacted by the increased vibratory rate of the organs and cells, in turn boosting overall vitality.

The influxes of higher-dimensional galactic Light and Light codes (filaments of Light) that are continuously washing in via a system of crystalline grids are acting as disruptors, disturbing and drastically altering pretty much everything right now.  Certainly I have been feeling this keenly since the 12:12 Gateway last week (12th of December 2018) and now in the lead-up to this weekend`s December Solstice.  Energy Intuitive Lee Harris and the alchemist Jim Self both spoke recently of a gnarly edge to the incoming energies that would likely persist until the end of February 2019 and it feels like this is coming to pass.

Thankfully, the Diamond-Angelic Frequency with its primary emphasis on healing the Heart-Mind connection is assisting the Heart center to make clearer, more truthful and accurate evaluations of your own emotions from a platform of neutrality.  Discordant emotion stored in the Heart Chakra is transmuted by these smart new Healing frequencies alchemically transforming resentment and anger into forgiveness and understanding – the alchemy of dross into gold.  The Diamond-Angelic is here at this time to lighten your load and move you forward into a highly-creative, present-time state of ease and liberation, well elevated from the din and drama.

The lower three Chakras and what they do

Base Chakra :  Lesson :  All Is One

(base of the spine/perineum) Governs family and survival issues, general vitality and tribal consciousness ie our feeling of connection to `the group`, our sense of responsibility and loyalty to that group and how we see ourselves fitting into it. Be it to our benefit or our detriment it is through the Base Chakra that we allow community energy, group thought-forms and the tribal mind to dominate our own. Whether we feel safe and secure in the physical world and in our personal connections are Base Chakra issues. Through this Chakra we are anchored to our physical environment and feel a sense of groundedness to Earth.  Depression has its roots in the Base Chakra (as well as the Earth Star Chakra beneath the feet) and it is also where we hold physical trauma.

Sacral Chakra :  Lesson :  Honour One Another

(below the navel)  This is our center of creativity, passion, pleasure and resilience, and through this center we connect OUTWARDS to the external world.  Where the Base Chakra`s resonance is to group power the Sacral governs the way we manage and use our individual power ie money, sex, sensuality, competition, authority, influence, beauty and attractiveness.  Our ability to generate income and manage money is governed by the Sacral Chakra.  We give our power away to our addictions through this center and it is the seat of our deepest vulnerabilities.  The element of water and therefore the attributes of flow and adaptability are associated with the Sacral Chakra which is our center of feeling, emotion, intimacy and connection.  It is also where we hold emotional trauma.

Solar Plexus Chakra :  Lesson :  Honour Yourself

(above the navel)  This is our center of self-esteem, courage, confidence, dignity and self-respect. Through this energy center we achieve a strong sense of personal identity and empowerment. We draw and hold our loving boundaries from this Chakra and it is where we initially form our honour code. We clarify our sense of integrity and project an authentic expression of self through a healthy, clear Solar Plexus. We hold our center through this Chakra – it is where we stay true to ourself. It also governs the energy of our `gut instinct`.

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