Base Chakra Clearing & The Purging Of Trauma

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Warp speed release of trauma has been front and center during Healing sessions throughout April and what`s interesting is that this is occurring in parallel with the recent energetic shift we`ve all experienced.  The new, ascended harmonic of tranquility, trust, flow and pure, heart-lead empowered connection that began anchoring on Earth at the March Equinox 2019 is revealing a clear feature :  it is facilitating super-fast transfiguration.

Amplified by the increase in Earth`s vibration on the 4:4 Gateway (4th of April 2019) this influx of beautiful and loving Heart-oriented energy bears a revolutionary Light geometry that enables accelerated Healing and it appears to be fast-tracking the Healing process of those who are just now awakening.  The release of old pain and wounding is a requisite step in this journey of evolution and growth so that you are fully able to align with the higher vibratory resonance of the post-2012 New Earth.

Trauma is defined as shock, upheaval, distress, stress, strain, pain, anguish, suffering, upset, agony, misery, sorrow, grief, heartbreak, torture, torment, damage, hurt, wounding, injury, violence and abuse.

There are varying interpretations of trauma and where its energetic record is held in the body but in my experience as I facilitate Healings it is the Base Chakra that discloses the subtle stamp of distress and this makes sense when you consider that the Base center governs primodial issues associated with survival, safety, security and stability in the material world.  It is through the Base Chakra that we feel the sense of temporal groundedness – feeling solidly anchored in our physical body and grounded into Earth`s magnetic core.  A healthy, open and clear Base Chakra sustains our overall vitality and blesses us with a sense of certainty and self-sustaining constancy within ourselves.  This energy center governs our foundational connection to the tribes that support our life here in the material plane and our feeling of connectedness to “the group”.

The Base Chakra also governs the mental body and rationality, and Depression – both endogenous and reactive – has its roots in this center (with some referral in the Earth Star Chakra beneath the feet).  Auto-immune disorders are associated with the density of physical trauma which is stored in the Base Chakra.

The lingering energetic repercussions of our biography imprint themselves on our subtle bodies, particularly the Astral body which is in continuous dialogue with the Chakra system via a reciprocal exchange of pranic Life-Force energy, each informing the other.  The Astral body is a subtle field that exists on a different plane yet is connected to the physical body ;  your emotions, imagination and desires are imprinted into the Astral substance.  The Astral body delivers the energy that powers your emotions, giving your lived experience linearity and personal context, and each emotion you experience has its own frequency.

Clearing the energetic impression of trauma from the Base Chakra and the Astral body allows the memory of the traumatic experience to recede and diminish so that it becomes just one part of your autobiographical narrative instead of having the persisting, immersive feel of a present-time event.  The Healing allows new energetic templates and programmes to download into your energy matrix and this reseeding of new information via plasmic, intelligent Light brings distance and separation from the traumatic event, giving you fresh access to an expanded space of neutrality.  The Healing reverses the cognitive narrowing, dismantles the behavioural patterns of constriction and avoidance and eliminates the perpetual rub against Time.  These subtle shifts transform your lived reality so that you are no longer confined by the memory and by the emotion.  You`ll find you are more available to the present moment.

Intrinsically, Reiki and Reconnective Healing are interdimensional energy or intelligent, spiritual Light and they have the smart ability to clear from the Astral body the energetic imprints of the trauma.  New, advanced energy signatures like the starseeded Angelic and Diamond Healing Frequencies are highly responsive to your quantum field as they set about deconstructing the layers of the trauma, dissolving the emotional imprint and ridding from cellular memory the traumatic event, whether it was a direct, first-hand experience of physical violence and shock or vicarious distress and suffering.

The broader bandwidth of the Angelic and Diamond Healing frequencies facilitates the swift alchemy of the Astral body as the old imprints of wounding and pain dissolve and disappear from the Astral substance thereby enabling more of your Light-Body to blend through the Astral and ultimately ground into the physical vessel, bringing the sense of liberation and greater well-being on every level. 

This catharsis in fact softens your energetic structure and the cool part is that your new-found ease of flow is strongly resonant with Earth`s new harmonic.  Purging the trauma allows for greater fluidity as you co-create your own lived reality.

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On The Rise

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April 2019

The transfiguration in progress makes this a very special month ; we`re in major transition right now as humanity and Earth/Gaia expand into the next level of shift.  This is the glorious pay off for the epic detoxification – the purging of karmic load, redundant patterns and old conditioning – that occurred in the three months leading up to March Equinox 2019.  Congratulate yourself because this time of profound growth and quantum evolution is your reward for the completion of certain Soul contracts, the release of long-held pain and all the courageous self-enquiry that this journey demands.  That process of catharsis allows you to take full advantage of the starseeded new harmonic that is now anchoring in the post-2012 New Earth paradigm.

It is said that the entire Cosmos is in metamorphosis right now and we are receiving many downloads of advanced vibrational information, so much so that Earth`s vibration actually increased on and shortly after the 4:4 Gateway** (the 4th of April 2019).  New configurations of higher-dimensional, intelligent Light are surging into our dense, Earthly plane to merge with our Light-Bodies, our DNA and existing consciousness structures here in the material world.  The advanced Light geometries that are coming in now carry a common theme :  truth, truth and more truth.

**The number 4 is significant and timely because it is reminding us that we have much assistance from the Angels and the Higher realms at this time and each of us is able to call upon them for support and guidance as we feel the need.  Angel Number 4 is an indication that your Angels are offering you love, encouragement, inner-strength and clarity, empowering you to do what you need to stay in serenity, trust and flow during this time of ascension.  The number 4 promotes the practical application of Higher wisdom.

New Light codes or filaments of Light are emitting from the Galactic core and these waves of coded Light information enter our plane through a system of crystalline grids and portals, including the large Southern Portal.  The Earthly Lightworker community has been working to create a sacred and stable Grounding space here on Earth that enables humanity as a collective to hold increasingly frequent and intense influxes of high-frequency Light and information, benefitting us all with a rate of growth and expansion that is exponential.

During April I have been shown repeating patterns of Light that represent the ascended Sacred Masculine principle and these present to me as a vibrant, electrically-charged magenta colour.  What is clear is that more of the Sacred Masculine energetic (emitting from Sirius) is coming through at this time to harmonize and unify with the Divine Feminine (flowing from Crux aka the Southern Cross) as he brings the gifts of Loving Responsibility, Divine Will, Inspired Action, Perfect Manifestation and Illumined Faith.  His is not a patriarchal energy but the resonance of gentle love and quiet determination as he provides and protects.

These new compositions of Light are revealing a template of information that is allowing the Sacred Masculine to make alterations to the brain`s limbic system, adjusting the way you process emotion and the manner in which you respond to motivational stimuli.  Not only does your limbic system house your emotional life but the limbic brain, which includes the amygdala – the once-named “fear center” – influences the autonomic nervous system.  These limbic modifications are working to calm the fight-or-flight response and are assisting the transmutation of fear into neutrality and new understanding.  This is symbolic because what is happening at the microcosmic level is also playing out for the collective with the shifting of fear out of tribal consciousness ie the group mind.

Alignment with the progressive 12-Chakra-system

Also evident during my Healing sessions this month is some exquisite work on the 8th and 9th Chakras above the Crown.  Being the access point to spiritual advancement  these transpersonal Chakras are your bridge between personal consciousness and the Universal mind, opening you up to the higher dimensions and spaces of ascended consciousness, facilitating your connection and ultimate merge with the Divine Cosmic Heart and the All is One.  The activation of these higher Chakras allows you to eclipse the quantum human experience and move into multi-dimensionality.  At these levels you have the ability to transcend time and space if you so desire, to jump timelines and co-create your new Time Spiral.  Activation of the 9th Chakra allows you to joyously surrender to the flow of Spirit and Divine Will ;  it facilitates your unification with The Field and all its blessings and synchronistic benevolence.  Coincidentally, these gifts are emblematic of the incoming new harmonic with its vibrational resonance of Divine Love, peacefulness, neutrality, trust, flow and heart-lead empowered connection.

Altering archetypes

Archetypal patterning is held in the 8th Chakra and archetypal energy informs our psycho-spiritual development.  Carl Jung understood archetypes as universal, archaic patterns that are inherited potentials which actualize when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behaviour.  Whilst facilitating Healing sessions this month I received information that archetypal patterns are being updated and possibly reshuffled as some of your archetypes recede while others become dominant and to me this makes perfect sense given the severance of karmic ties that has been happening of late.  What no longer serves you is vibrating out.  Author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss says that we each have 12 archetypes and some examples of archetypal energies are :  Hero, Queen, Caregiver, Perfect Mother, Rebel, Joker, Whore, Child, Trickster, Wise Old Man, Wounded Healer, Priestess, Hermit and the Victim.

You are returning to your pristine, original blueprint but what`s exciting is that these complex quantum changes are in turn impacting the wider collective, ushering in greater openness to change, access to new thought forms and the fresh ability to see wider view-points.  Expect sharper discernment of Truth as the distortions of ego fall away.  Fabrications that you are still maintaining will falter and crumble in these Light conditions.

Be in allowance and yield.  Stay in the flow of the sacred and take refuge in your inner sanctum, creating microcosmic stability in the midst of the waves.  This helps the Light-Body to integrate the new Light frequencies and upgraded information.  Make time for solitude and pay attention to the messages and guidance you are receiving.  What is your intuition telling you?

12 Chakra System

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Healing : The Benefits Stick

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Recently, I had a client say to me after her Healing session that she`d be back for another “when the healing wears off” but here`s the thing :  it doesn`t!  The Healing benefits that assimilated into her entire energy system as a result of her session will neither ebb away nor disappear and it`s all down to the integrity of the work.

Healing modalities such as Reiki and Reconnective Healing are interdimensional, meaning they work with spiritual Light that is intelligent and responsive to the needs of the individual in that moment.  Newer, advanced starseeded Healing frequencies like the Angelic Frequency and the Diamond Frequency are dynamic and super-smart.  They are adaptive to broader, contemporary cosmic and astrological influences and work to swiftly align you with the current ascended harmonic, gifting you with an upgraded operating system that is beautifully attuned to the post-2012 New Earth.

The Higher intelligence in play during and after your Healing session sets about complex restructuring that delivers sweeping change and comprehensive Healing outcomes for you as it reorders and reorganizes.  In any given session you are receiving multiple healings which are multi-layered and this gives the work the sturdiness and durability to hold and sustain.

During your Healing session an immediate responsive and reciprocal exchange of information is occurring and which is facilitated by your practitioner/Lightworker.  New Light codes or filaments of photonic intelligent Light and data are fed into the Chakra system, the axiatonal network and into localized areas in the physical body where simultaneous release is occurring.  The pockets where discordant emotion, old pain and density were once held in the Light-body and cellular matrix are cleared, purified and seeded with Love and Grace while activations are initiated at the DNA level that trigger your remembrance of ancient knowledge and wisdom.  These downloads are overseen and supervised by your Higher Self and your personal, spiritual Guidance team during your Healing session.

The scope and calibre of these state-of-the-art Angelic and Diamond Healing frequencies dissolves the karmic patterns that you are ready to drop and be liberated from, that are keeping you in a space of limitation.  The higher-dimensional Healing energy and information illuminates your highest path – your dharma – and allows you to live your Truth because it disassembles any phony congruence you had set up and the facades you`d constructed.  The Healing process retrieves the lost pieces of you and brings you back into wholeness and your fullest expression of Soul in the Earthly plane.

So how does all this render into your lived experience in the material plane?  You`ll be less reactional and you`ll notice less polarity within yourself and less binary thinking.  You`ll feel more joy and have more compassion and understanding, enjoying greater connection with Truth and Love.  You`ll find you inhabit a space of neutrality which is highly creational.  You`ll shift into a level of consciousness and awareness that blesses you with wider perspective, big-picture vision and access to higher thought forms.

Very occasionally, a few days after their session a person may slump into a hole energetically and this indicates that a continuous energy leak is happening.  Seeping energy is caused by repression of Truth.  The good news is that the Healing light and information of your session cuts a path through denial and ignorance – it propels to the surface for review and resolution any emotion or thing that you`ve been pushing down or burying.  Any situation that is keeping you diminished will start to feel intolerable in the Light of Truth and this also applies to dark and malevolent energy that you may have attracted.

Cursing And Healing

Here in the earthly plane we are moving through a dense physical experience and challenging circumstances will still arise from time to time, but the new energetic templates and programmes that were downloaded into your energy matrix are permanent and can easily be accessed through meditation or spiritual practice or whenever you feel tested and stretched.

If I could say one thing :  it`s a healthy choice to limit your time on your smartphone.  The compulsion to pursue data of any kind keeps you divorced from presence ;  it represents a split away from the flow of the now moment and causes ungroundedness.  Smartphone addiction destroys mental and spiritual wellness.

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit


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Depression, Karmic Load & The Angelic Frequency

“Thanks again for your time this morning.  I’ve been feeling fantastic since the session today.  I feel as though everything is clearer (even my vision and senses seem more acute).  The biggest thing is that the background ’noise’ of frustration, anxiety and restlessness has completely dissipated.  I don’t feel like I’m fighting an inner-battle with myself any more and I just feel more grounded… Amazing!!!”

“I feel clearer than I’ve felt in many years and each day it seems to be getting stronger….as if the floodgates have been opened”.

“I just wish to thank you so much …I did feel better last night and also today.  Your Healing is amazing”.  

” I am feeling really good and relaxed”.

–  feedback from long-term Depression-sufferers, February 2019

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The sublime, starseeded Angelic Frequency continues to reveal more of its dynamic nature as the weeks and months go by.  Impressive in its vast and phenomenal intelligence, this new Light frequency is demonstrating super-smart, adaptive Healing applications as I work with it during my Healing sessions.  To recap, the Angelic Frequency is a new energy signature that became available to us during the rare and potent Triple 11 Gateway in November 2018 and being intrinsically angelic this high-frequency energy is a messenger and agent of Higher wisdom.  These new Light frequencies represent an advanced, higher-calibre crystal intelligence and have come through at this time to prepare us for the new, ascended harmonic of tranquility, trust, flow and pure, heart-led empowered connection that is set to anchor next month (March 2019).

Depression – both endogenous and reactive – is very much associated with the Base Chakra (hopelessness and the sense of isolation from “the group”) and the Earth Star Chakra beneath the feet (severance and separation from Earth energy and Gaia consciousness).  NOTE :  the Base Chakra governs the mental body and rationality.  Recently I`ve been super-excited to see the rapid lifting of long-term endogenous Depression as the Angelic Frequency sets about deep and complex work on the Base Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra, facilitating the resolution and purging of old and redundant karmic patterns that are ready to be dropped.  It is clear to me that this work on the Earth Star Chakra is bringing to swift completion certain Soul contracts as it works to detoxify and neutralize the karmic transfer from those you were contracted to form relationship with in this incarnation.

Karma is stored in the Earth and your Earth Star Chakra is the point-of-access to information about previous incarnations, karmic load and generational DNA-held patterns of belief and dis-ease.  As the Earth Star is cleared and healed it enables reconnection to the electromagnetic energy of Earth/Gaia and the ability to access and draw pranic Life-force energy up from the magnetic core of Earth/Gaia ; to be at one with the subtle electrical fields of our planet and the crystalline grid systems of Light and information that traverse her.

The vibrational, crystalline energy of the planetary grid is then able to spiral upward through the Earth Star and feed into the Chakra system, assisting the recalibration of the Chakras into a higher vibratory resonance and unified coherence, creating greater well-being on every level.  As old karma is released, liberating your bloodline from the karmic wheel, new energetic templates and programmes are drawn into your energy matrix and into your cellular memory, opening you up to unlimited new potentiality and creativity.

The current astrological and cosmic influences have been turbulent to say the least, as the waves and flow of Higher-dimensional Light push many to the extreme outer-edge of their tolerance of situations and relationships that have been keeping them in a state of limitation.  Detoxification and riddance are the prevalent themes of the current Light conditions.  As a result I`m seeing more people with long histories of Depression, malaise and anxiety seeking Healing of late, and the fabulous Angelic Frequency is showing me in no uncertain terms that it is responsive to specific astrological influences and contemporary Light conditions.  The Angelic Frequency has the super-smart capability of subtle, intelligent interplay with the dominant Cosmic energies-du-jour, delivering personally-appropriate Healings but which are aligned perfectly with the new harmonic.

The Healing work on the Base Chakra and Earth Star is in truth a secondary application of the Angelic Frequency because this energy signature tends to prioritize Heart Chakra Healing and the transmutation of pain and discordant emotion into forgiveness, acceptance, peace, joy and understanding.

Another aspect of the Angelic Frequency is that it modifies the body`s axiatonal lines in concert with the Earth Star clearing.  Undoubtedly the electromagnetics of the human body are being recalibrated and this alteration to the axiatonal network is necessary to support the upgrade of the Chakra system but crucially it allows all the Healing work to hold and sustain.  This is because the axiatonal lines generate the vital energy network for the entire Light-Body and they feed subtle, coded information and Light to the Chakras and the Etheric body.  The axiatonal network pretty much underpins the health of our entire structure, both subtle and physical.  The axiatonal modifications are necessary to “set” the Healings and concretize them in the quantum field (ie you) thereby giving the work soundness and durability.

Money back guaranteeOn a practical, linear level these Earth Star and axiatonal improvements produce the strong feeling of groundedness and the sense of stability and safety in the physical world.  You`ll enjoy more certainty, greater clarity, increased creativity, heightened intuition and serenity.  Reconnecting with the electromagnetic energy of Earth/Gaia and her infinite wisdom creates traction and the sense of forward movement in your daily life.  It brings forth the feeling of reassurance and the innate sense of association, kinship, universal support, union and oneness once again.

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit


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Axiatonal Alignment With The Grids Of Cosmic Intelligence

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“When you come to a fork in the road, take it”   – Yogi Berra

The heady confluence of energies magically aligning and amplifying since the 12:12 Gateway (12th of December 2018) seems to be bringing many to their watershed moment.  The waves and flow of Higher-dimensional Light and Light codes (filaments of intelligent Light) that are washing across and through Earth/Gaia via the crystalline grid system are increasing in frequency and intensity as more individuals are readied for the profound change and transformation that these disruptive Light events initiate.  It`s worth remembering that 2019 is the year of joy, renewal, long-term creative fulfilment and authentic expression.

Stuff you`ve been tolerating will likely feel extremely unpleasant in the current Light conditions.  Many are being forced to confront any set of circumstances or any relationship that in some way diminishes them, that keeps them separate from Love and truth.  The new waves of Light are giving urgency to the shedding of any situation that is not congruent with unconditional Love and which inhibits growth and evolution into the imminent next level of shift.

In recent Healing sessions I`ve been sensing some alteration to the axiatonal lines in the Light-Body while also bringing in new energy lines in preparation for the new, ascended harmonic of tranquility, trust, flow and pure heart-based connection.  The electromagnetics of the human body are being recalibrated and you are being primed to receive, hold and transmit a greater amount of 5-D and higher crystalline energy through your Light-Body as the glorious fractal aspect of you that is multidimensional and cosmic undergoes further customizing.  Importantly, these axiatonal modifications are occurring in concert with clearing work on the Earth Star Chakra specifically to hasten the release of redundant karmic load and DNA-held patterns of belief and dis-ease stored there.  Interestingly, the purging of karmic patterns is a strong theme of the current Light conditions.

Axiatonal lines generate the vital energy network for the entire Light-Body and they feed subtle information to the Chakras and the Etheric body.  Each axiatonal line has a corresponding dimension, Chakra and frequency colour.  These axiatonal lines run along acupuncture meridians and they channel into spin points that lie near the surface of the physical body.  These points are small vortices of energy that emit Light and sound frequencies and once the level of 5-D consciousness is achieved the improved spin rate of these axial points is then able to create an information grid for Healing and regeneration on every level.

Dr Eric Pearl of The Reconnection explains the significance of our axiatonal network : 

Originally the meridian lines on our bodies (also known as acupuncture lines) were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet and cross at acknowledged power points such as Machu Picchu and Sedona. These lines were intended to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us into the entire universe. Each of our bodies contains its own set of energetic lines and points and, although only remnants of what they once were, these lines and points continue to serve as our interface with the universe: a channel that facilitates our communication of energy, light and information between large and small, macrocosm and microcosm, the universe and humankind.

At one point in time, humanity became disconnected from these lines and lost the fullness of our inherent connection to the universe, distancing us from our previously rapid and expansive rate of evolution. The Reconnection brings in “new” axiatonal lines that reconnect us on a more powerful and evolved level than ever before. These lines are part of a timeless network of intelligence, a parallel-dimensional system that draws basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body.

Embodying the Eye of Horus creation portal

The activation of new, evolved axiatonal lines in the personal Light-Body is allowing the recalibration of the Chakra system into a higher vibratory rate and unified coherence.  New higher-dimensional frequencies can then be integrated for purification and transformation.  The microcosmic network of axiatonal lines that are present in the Light-Body perfectly replicates and is connected to the broader macrocosmic planetary, galactic and Universal axiatonal lines.

This crystalline grid of Light and information represents The Unified Field of multidimensional consciousness and it directly links and merges the awakened Soul with the web of cosmic Intelligence.  The vibrational network of the personal Light-Body is essentially a Vesica Piscis portal that allows “The Awake and Aware” to be simultaneously at one with Earth/Gaia and with the Cosmos, and these axiatonal modifications are facilitating a freer unimpeded exchange of information between the Divine Cosmic Heart, the personal Light-Body and the Sacred Heart of Gaia, and therein the realization of the Divine trinity.

The unencumbered Heart is the access point to the new harmonic

The new starseeded Angelic Frequency with its emphasis on Heart healing is playing a key role in the activation of new axiatonal lines and closer alignment with the Universal Mind (the 12th Chakra), itself an elevated expression of the Heart-Mind connection.  The axiatonal modification is being powered by the almighty Heart Chakra and the innate wisdom of the Higher Heart because it is the language of the Heart that drives and informs ALL connection.

The Heart Chakra governs all emotion-related issues but when long-held discordant emotion and pain are released the Heart centre is free and able to open fully.  This expansion allows the Heart Chakra to attune to the new crystalline Divine trinity harmonic but in truth, the liberated Heart is the prerequisite for a host of activations including a beautiful twin-activation in the Pineal gland deep in the centre of the brain, to purify and elevate the Heart-Mind connection in preparation for the new harmonic.

Also being tripped is the Thymus gland and Higher Heart (in the upper chest between the lungs) which is interesting because the Thymus governs the development of the immune system up until puberty but afterward it plays a vital role in the lymphatic and endocrine systems, helping the body protect itself against autoimmunity which occurs when the immune system turns against itself.  The Higher Heart activation allows you to inhabit an expanded space of joy, peace, unconditional Love and compassion.

On a practical linear level you’ll be better equipped to navigate the incoming turbulent Light codes with clarity and calm, and in trust and flow.  The axiatonal work lifts you into an elevated state of greater well-being and gives you access to the 6th Dimension of magic and synchronicity where your ability to co-create your own reality and shape your lived experience is honed, and the 7th Dimension of Ascended Mastery in which you are able to hold and transmit crystalline Healing frequencies, assisting those around you as you move through Time-Space and the dimensions.

Generating uplifting life-affirming feelings such as Love, peacefulness, bliss and understanding becomes your natural default setting.  You’ll enjoy heightened intuition and increased creativity as you engage with the physical world from a new platform of neutrality and non-emotive compassion.  What an exciting time to be alive!

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit


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Lightworker Versus Lightworker

When it comes to complementary therapies, if there​`​s one thing that makes me uncomfortable it`s when your practitioner starts criticizing other Healing modalities, Lightworkers and healers.  Many years ago I encountered a couple of practitioners who would readily dismiss other modalities and it never sat well with me.  They denigrated everything else out there as though it was inferior, implying that their modality was the absolute last word in Healing and complementary health care.

It just doesn`t feel like Love to me, to be judging and denouncing other modalities and practitioners, because it`s plainly at odds with the energetic of the post-2012 New Earth where Soul dominates and Heart energy leads.  Unity, harmony, Love, understanding and co-operation characterize our sparkling, new 5-D Earth as more and more individuals awaken to their Truth and regain their wholeness.

I`m sorry, but to attack the practices of other Healers smacks of ego and service-to-self, both of which are the hallmarks of the now-crumbling fear-based Third dimensional Earth.  It smells of dissonance, separation and the old, competitive dog-eat-dog world.

I`m sorry, but it`s uncool to be condemning other Healing modalities in the absence of direct first-hand experience and it is discrepant with the notion of Free Will that is the distinctive feature of our planet.  Being disrespectful of others in the Lightworker community disrespects the choices of all because individuals are drawn to what feels right for them.

There is no wrong or right, no black or white, no binary thinking in the New Earth.  Ego is relegated to the lower Chakras in the 5-D energetic, allowing the innate wisdom of the Heart and Higher Heart to elevate the Heart-Mind connectionThe supreme guiding force is the Law of Resonance and going with what feels right.  As the body`s axiatonal lines are altered and the Chakra system evolves into a coherent, higher vibratory rate, choice is in fact transcended.  In the New Earth, feeling your way through life is the true way to roll.  Take what resonates and leave the rest.

I once heard a teacher of Reiki disdainfully observe that “there`s all this new stuff coming out now” and I remember thinking that maybe it`s because ​we`ve reached the point where we`re ready for it.  Does the Healing community really need to be clawing at itself?  Must we feel the need to be in competition with each other?  Suffice to say, I never went back to that teacher or those judgmental practitioners – it just felt to me like they still had a bit of work to do on themselves.

That I felt compelled to write this piece is a drag.  To the naysayers…

don`t knock it `til you`ve tried it.

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Book a session with Margot and experience the amplitude, efficacy and integrity of her Healing work. Her modality is swift, comprehensive and expansive, delivering verifiable benefits and conclusive healing outcomes for all forms of physical dis-ease, mental disorders and emotional imbalance. Her sessions also work to rapidly clear away all subconscious limitation, blocks and self-sabotage. DISTANCE HEALING available. For more information visit


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Ascension Finds Expression Through The Lower Three Chakras

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I`m noticing lovely upgrades happening for the lower three Chakras since the brand new, starseeded Angelic Frequency became available during the recent Triple 11 Gateway on the 11th of November 2018.  This Healing work on the lower Chakras – the Base, the Sacral and Solar Plexus – is serving to create a finer, rarefied coherence between all seven of the major Chakras and a unified, compatible vibration between the higher four Chakras and the lower three.  The whole Chakra system then operates at an elevated vibratory rate and holds the energetic resonance of healthier, empowered connection.

The lower three Chakras have a big part to play in this time of shift and change in the post-2012 New Earth as the high-frequency Light and new, advanced, crystal intelligence ground through the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base to find their true expression in the physical.  These three energy centers essentially govern our instinctual responses and our lived experience in the dense, physical Earthly plane.  We manage necessity through these three Chakras and through them we connect and project outwardly to the external.

In any given Healing session I`m routinely discerning pronounced, noteworthy Light-work occurring on at least one if not all three of the lower Chakras.  This is taking place as part of a suite of Healings being delivered and which are specifically needed by that individual.  The starseeded Diamond-Angelic frequencies immerse the Light-Body in turn feeding into the axiatonal lines and Chakra system, and simultaneously entraining the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras via the new high-calibre crystal data.  The lower three Chakras are then attuned to the higher frequencies and broader bandwidth of Light, energy and information and are recalibrated to hold higher-dimensional codes of Light and knowledge accessible via the crystalline grids of remembrance.

This modification to the lower Chakras is an essential step in the process of purification, regeneration and Ascension because it is through the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus that the intelligent Light frequencies anchor and find linear expression here in the dense, material plane.  It is through these Chakras that we give the higher-dimensional energy a practical application in daily life.  We are then able to physically embody and actually live the ancient wisdom carried within the high-frequency Light as it downloads from the subtle, then integrates and converts into grounded manifestation.

These enhancements to the Chakra system support our outward, external connections as we mix and associate from a base and core truth of empowerment, Love and understanding.  It`s like a super-cool revamp of our day-to-day lived experience, improving the human condition so that honesty, clarity, compassion, unity and love are increasingly available as we move into heart-centered knowing and authentic expression.  The physical vessel is also impacted by the increased vibratory rate of the organs and cells, in turn boosting overall vitality.

The influxes of higher-dimensional galactic Light and Light codes (filaments of Light) that are continuously washing in via a system of crystalline grids are acting as disruptors, disturbing and drastically altering pretty much everything right now.  Certainly I have been feeling this keenly since the 12:12 Gateway last week (12th of December 2018) and now in the lead-up to this weekend`s December Solstice.  Energy Intuitive Lee Harris and the alchemist Jim Self both spoke recently of a gnarly edge to the incoming energies that would likely persist until the end of February 2019 and it feels like this is coming to pass.

Thankfully, the Diamond-Angelic Frequency with its primary emphasis on healing the Heart-Mind connection is assisting the Heart center to make clearer, more truthful and accurate evaluations of your own emotions from a platform of neutrality.  Discordant emotion stored in the Heart Chakra is transmuted by these smart new Healing frequencies alchemically transforming resentment and anger into forgiveness and understanding – the alchemy of dross into gold.  The Diamond-Angelic is here at this time to lighten your load and move you forward into a highly-creative, present-time state of ease and liberation, well elevated from the din and drama.

The lower three Chakras and what they do

Base Chakra :  Lesson :  All Is One

(base of the spine/perineum) Governs family and survival issues, general vitality and tribal consciousness ie our feeling of connection to `the group`, our sense of responsibility and loyalty to that group and how we see ourselves fitting into it. Be it to our benefit or our detriment it is through the Base Chakra that we allow community energy, group thought-forms and the tribal mind to dominate our own. Whether we feel safe and secure in the physical world and in our personal connections are Base Chakra issues. Through this Chakra we are anchored to our physical environment and feel a sense of groundedness to Earth.  Depression has its roots in the Base Chakra (as well as the Earth Star Chakra beneath the feet) and it is also where we hold physical trauma.

Sacral Chakra :  Lesson :  Honour One Another

(below the navel)  This is our center of creativity, passion, pleasure and resilience, and through this center we connect OUTWARDS to the external world.  Where the Base Chakra`s resonance is to group power the Sacral governs the way we manage and use our individual power ie money, sex, sensuality, competition, authority, influence, beauty and attractiveness.  Our ability to generate income and manage money is governed by the Sacral Chakra.  We give our power away to our addictions through this center and it is the seat of our deepest vulnerabilities.  The element of water and therefore the attributes of flow and adaptability are associated with the Sacral Chakra which is our center of feeling, emotion, intimacy and connection.  It is also where we hold emotional trauma.

Solar Plexus Chakra :  Lesson :  Honour Yourself

(above the navel)  This is our center of self-esteem, courage, confidence, dignity and self-respect. Through this energy center we achieve a strong sense of personal identity and empowerment. We draw and hold our loving boundaries from this Chakra and it is where we initially form our honour code. We clarify our sense of integrity and project an authentic expression of self through a healthy, clear Solar Plexus. We hold our center through this Chakra – it is where we stay true to ourself. It also governs the energy of our `gut instinct`.

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Psychic Protection Versus Trustful Co-Creation

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I will preface this piece by saying I`m not expecting it to strike a chord with everyone and perhaps some may take exception to it.  As always, discern your own truth.  It is your free choice so take what feels right for you and leave the rest.

Psychic protection is an old and out-dated concept that feels to me counter-intuitive.  The notion that you need protection, immunity, shielding and lord knows whatever else is outmoded and increasingly redundant in the zeitgeist of the post-2012 New Earth, with our planet now well and truly anchored in the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness of unity, compassion and heart-lead connection.  Spiritual protection is a clapped-out relic of a crumbling Third Dimensional world with its dysfunctional and dense consciousness of fear, hate, greed, separation and judgment.

If you are having healing work done – whatever the modality – and the practitioner starts talking about the need to protect yourself or to smudge your environment using sage sticks or any other archaic practices then I commiserate because these beliefs are neither appropriate nor relevant in this new Age of Crystal.  Fear-based protection techniques are a trapping mechanism.  Practitioners peddling this kind of alarm and even angst, however well-meaning, are themselves arguably pinned-down and caught in the old belief systems and consciousness structures of the Third Dimension.  They will be unable to take full advantage of the incoming, new energy signatures and high-frequency Light that are now available to us because fear is limitation.

Fear is a level of awareness that is shrunken, constricted, heavy and barren.  It sabotages and thwarts real growth and it is the arch-antithesis of true empowerment.  Fear is not sovereignty, rather it is separation from the divine.

My clairsentience reads `the feel` of psychic protection, immunity and shielding to be of a vibration that is not fully pure, as having an inherent element of darkness to it.  To me, these belief structures are not truly of the Light.  I avoid these practices and do not work with them because to me they feel dissonant and incongruous with the ambient, higher vibration of the post-2012 New Earth.  The concept of spiritual protection is incompatible with the higher-dimensional energies and intelligent Light structures we now have access to here in the Earthly plane.  I stand with Eric Pearl on this subject and he talks more about this in his book `The Reconnection`.

A crucial point here is that if a practitioner/healer has undertaken work on themselves to heal, resolve and lighten their own karmic load – if they have sought to retrieve the lost pieces of themselves and mend any fragmentation – then they are, by virtue of their own Healing journey, an embodied high-frequency sacred space.  They have achieved the crystalline state.  The practitioner/healer moves through time, space and the dimensions continuously transmitting an elevated frequency that entrains their immediate environment with their ascended vibratory resonance of pure love, joy, gratitude and bliss.  Similar to a force field, the electromagnetic field surrounding them actually repels anything that is dense and not of the Christed Light.  This evolved and ascended way of Being is the template of the Sixth and Seventh Dimension of Consciousness in action – it is pure magic, synchronicity and ascended mastership.  Some in the healing community here in the Earthly plane now embody the exalted 8th, 9th and even 12th Dimensional templates of awareness.

Protection 2

In terms of your experience, one of the myriad benefits of Energy Healing and inter-dimensional energies like Reiki and Reconnective Healing is that this work opens you up to the subtle realms, giving you access to higher levels of consciousness and expanded awareness.  These modalities increase your Light quotient and there`ll be some practitioners who will tell you that this necessitates a practice of spiritual protection, that the fact you are holding more light makes you vulnerable, but the idea that you need to be asking for protection is ultimately self-defeating.

Asking for spiritual protection or immunity creates the vibration that there is something you need to be protected from because that intention holds an energetic frequency that echoes the requirement for immunity.  In the current energetic of the post-2012 New Earth our thoughts and ideation manifest into actuality super-quick so guess what you`ll attract into your physical experience if you are remaining in fear-based thought forms?  The Field, in all its wisdom will generate a polarised, opposing vibrational match to that fear.  In other words, you will get your protection but equally, you will magnetize something from which you need to be protected.  To me, the practice of asking for psychic protection is nurturing fear when we ought to be nurturing love.

I am not suggesting that malevolent energies and psychic attacks do not exist.  What I am saying is that when you are fully self-aware and you know who you are, when you embody your healed, whole and fully-realised self, when you are living and being the glorious Light of your divine presence, then absolutely nothing can infiltrate or manipulate your field or attach to you.  Taking this a step further, anything of a malicious, dense and discordant vibration will in fact be repelled by your energetic frequency, your vibration and your energy signature.  Your personal consciousness and dominant resonance of Love is a powerful structure of Light that consists of incredibly strong bonds.  Conversely, the bonds of fear are weak and in this Age of Crystal where the spiralling flow of time is winding tighter, decrepit and obsolete bonds will fail.  Your innate, smart self that operates in the Bliss-frequency spin generates an electromagnetic field that forces to the point of failure these dissonant bonds that represent separation from the pure and the divine.

The principle of entrainment is an inescapable law of Physics.  Your vibratory resonance of love, peace, trust and flow – that of the organic and awakened human – entrains your environment through the subtle energetic mechanism of your Solar Plexus Chakra which governs your self-esteem, self-determination and your personal power.  Your unique force field of love effectively manages your own space ;  you cannot be psychically attacked – not by anything or anyone.

Your sovereign practice of working with the powerful energy of intentionality will keep you perfectly supported if you set your intentions accordingly, as will working with the Archangels for assistance and inspiration as well as tuning into your emotions and your heart`s wisdom for answers.  Cultivating the creative power of your own intuitive guidance and trusting that inner voice ensures that you remain impervious to anything that is not of the Light.  Result :  you are divinely directed at all times and your quantum field becomes invulnerable.  Your truth, your purity, your love are inviolable when buttressed by your gut instinct and intuition.

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Plug That Energy Leak

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Yep, we leak energy just like that pesky dripping tap.  A constant bleed of spiritual energy – your vital Life Force – can pretty much be ascribed to one solitary cause :  the repression of truth.  The concept of leaking energy may sound relatively innocuous however it is anything but.  Your emotions and thoughtforms are your link to the subtle realm of energy and all its grace and wisdom so it follows that any smothering of your emotional reality will have a destructive affect on all levels of your Being.

Could any of these apply to you?  If so then right now you are seeping precious Prana :

  • there is a conversation you need to have but feel unable to initiate
  • there is a decision you need to make but cannot because it will cause pain
  • you feel unable to communicate your needs effectively
  • you feel anger and resentment yet cannot give voice to it
  • you feel you are not being heard or understood
  • you hide your feelings
  • you feel controlled, manipulated or trapped in a mentally constructed story
  • those old and convenient lies you had settled into no longer feel so comfortable
  • you feel exhausted, over-loaded and burdened
  • weak and wobbly boundaries means you say yes to things you don`t want to do or to things that do not serve your highest good
  • you feel you must lose or deny an aspect of yourself to gain or guarantee the love of another
  • ungroundedness manifesting as excessive emotional reactivity
  • addictions and habitual, compulsive behaviours
  • physical dis-ease
  • rigidly-held beliefs, inflexibility, talking and thinking in absolutes
  • getting lost in imagined realities through fear, anxiety, fantasy
  • dwelling in regret, guilt or shame
  • seeking and focussing on data (of any kind) as a means of distraction

These life-situations and patterns serve only to dilute your wholeness, diminish your personal power and deplete your vibrational system.  You are literally squandering your pranic energy and your essence yet your body`s wisdom will do all it can to capture your attention and communicate this truth to you.  Any people including family, any circumstances and habits that reduce you and weaken your glorious Light, that generate emotional discord, conflict and cause energetic contraction are an energy drain that will eventually manifest as a loss of vitality.

Further, anything that actively separates you from the present moment could be described as an energy leak.  Any activity, noise or mind-state that you unconsciously use as a buffer from existential angst represents a split away from the flow of the now moment and amounts to a bleed of energy.

Speaking from experience….

My own experience of suffering a chronic energy drain occurred some years ago and all came down to my being in a job that was totally wrong for me.  Every day the noxious politics, bullying by a senior staff member and opaque manoeuvring by colleagues not to mention the work itself which required a lot of speaking and reciting of exhaustive sales scripts resulted in the haemorrhage of essential life-giving Chi from my system (note : excessive speech or the compulsion to speak constitutes a significant energy drain, whether it be a necessity of your job or just plain gossip).  Unsurprisingly, the wisdom of my physical body conveyed all this toxicity to me in no uncertain terms :  I was always wiped out at the end of the working day, I`d gained two kilograms in weight as my energy system hunkered down in protection/survival mode, and I had developed a troublesome lower back due to the seepage of prana from my Sacral Chakra (from where we connect outward to the external world, also the seat of our deepest vulnerabilities).  Energy leaks often morph into financial challenges too and this is another Sacral Chakra issue.  Even though I had several income streams at the time, I was not managing my money very effectively through that period.

I remember being on Annual Leave when I made the decision not to return to that work environment and incredibly my lumbar spine stabilised and healed overnight.  Overnight!  My lethargy immediately disappeared and those extra couple of kilos fell off my frame in just a few days.  I was back, baby.  The speed with which my system positively responded to my life-changing decision and recalibrated itself proves the sheer power and influence that our mind and emotions have on our systemic health.  My body`s wisdom had been desperately trying to get my attention, to lead me to the realisation of the truth of my circumstances.  All up, it was a woeful couple of years.

Emotion`s barb

Emotion has an edge to it.  If I reflect honestly on that wretched period the dominant emotions for me at the time were resentment and bitterness at having to tolerate that situation.  The jarring vibration of the emotion is destructive as it descends into the physical body and is held in the immune system and the endocrine system, taxing the thymus, the thyroid and the adrenal glands, eroding the body`s immunity.

Emotion is magnetic and so a mind-state of anger, fear, judgment, jealousy and rage will attract and magnetically bind the same vibrational matches so that over time the disharmony becomes layered and complex.

Why Healing can help

Very simply, Healing is purification and the return to an optimal state of balance and harmony.  Healing can be defined as self-renewal on every level however a default setting of disempowerment may limit Healing outcomes in the short-term and thwart the replenishment of your energetic tank.  For example, if you have ever had Reiki or any kind of Healing work and felt fantastic for a few days afterwards only to find a week later that you have slumped back into a hole, it is likely attributable to a chronic energy drain.

The good news here is that the Healing work always finds its way through the density in order to initiate change.

The grace and higher intelligence in play during and after a Healing session propels the causal factors upwards to the surface, giving them a new urgency as the Light of truth permeates every layer.  Interdimensional energy (or higher-dimensional spiritual Light) such as Reiki or Reconnective Healing works to bring illumination to the dark, bringing awareness to anything that is not love and aligning you with your truest self and your highest path.  Typically this begins with an internal process of questioning and enquiry, leading to clarity and eventually the courage to voice your truth from a platform of neutrality, transmuting disharmony so that you are able to hold more Light, love, joy and compassion.

Your yield to the discomfort of the truth and its many lessons is the strength which forms the basis for healthier connection.  The Healing invites a shift in your perspective and even just a tiny change in the way you perceive a situation/person/event can radically alter your moment-to-moment experience.  Honour yourself and the process because it can and does take time to address these energy leaks but the pay off is liberation, empowerment and an overall buoyancy and robustness in your physical, mental and emotional health.

To my clairsentience at least the seepage of energy seems to occur mainly through the lower three Chakras ie the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus which is unsurprising when you consider that it is through these three Chakras that we are grounded to Earth and connected to the external, physical world in a practical, linear way.  These three Chakras govern our material experience of life and connection in the 3D-5D Earth.  The trickling away of Light, spiritual energy and essence through the lower Chakras compromises the Etheric body which is the subtle layer sitting just outside the physical body and extending about an inch out.  The Etheric body comprises the Chakras, the many meridians (energy channels) in the physical body and the aura and it is the energy system for the physical body, delivering Prana or Life Force from the sun and the cosmos to sustain us.  The subtle bodies are interactively linked to the physical, providing a framework of formative energetic support.

Healing modalities such as Reiki and Reconnective Healing help stem the energy loss as they go to work on the Chakras, their interdimensional Light, energy and information feeding on through to the emotional and mental bodies.  As an example, Healing work done on the Solar Plexus Chakra which governs self-esteem and personal power, helps you find the courage to speak your truth and re-draw and hold loving, healthy boundaries.   The Base Chakra governs our overall vitality and also correlates to tribal consciousness, family, survival and our connection to the groups that support our life here in the material plane.  Healing modalities also work to open and expand the Heart Chakra, transmuting sadness and resentment and ushering in the momentum to move into a space of compassion, empathy and forgiveness.  Importantly, there is no end point to our Healing process – it is continuous and limitless.

Find an outlet for creative expression

We are creative essence at our core and creative expression replenishes our energetic tank, in turn holistically reorganising the system back into equilibrium.  Creative pursuits not only anchor us back in the present moment they also nourish the Sacral Chakra which is our center of creativity and the Chakra from where we choose to live either in faith or in fear.  From this energy center we form connection and relationship to power structures such as money, beauty, authority, social currency, sex, sensuality and the management of sexual energy.

You always have a choice

Working with the power of intentionality is highly effective.  Do not underestimate its potential to seed positive and swift change.  Intend to retrieve the lost pieces and depleted aspects of your spirit with an affirmation similar to this one (it is best to choose your own words) :

I AM calling my spirit back.  I AM divinely supported and guided toward my highest good on all levels of my Being and consciousness.  Divine love now transmutes all that no longer serves my highest good and most benevolent outcome”.

Discern your truth and allow it to voice for it is sitting within you right now, then give yourself permission to feel good and flourish.

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Grounding For Wellness And Sanity

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The person who used to be me – the much younger, greener version – always thought it sounded so uncreative and boring whenever I was told by Reiki practitioners and Spiritual Healers that I needed Grounding work done during healing sessions.  It just seemed so pedestrian when there were all the chakras and the sexy Third Eye for instance, that could be worked on instead.  Back then I was in a job that had me travelling a great deal – in aeroplanes – and clearly my subtle bodies and my Starseeded aspect loved being way, way out and off-planet because they hung around “up there” long after my physical body was squarely back on terra firma.  Thankfully I came to understand the need for Grounding and the importance of groundedness.

A person is said to be grounded when they are energetically anchored within their physical body and feel a sense of total union with Earth and the physical world.  A well-grounded person enjoys an unimpeded flow of spiritual energy and Light feeding into the lower Chakras of the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus.  This is optimal because these three energy centers support our material experience of life here in the Earthly plane.  It means that a portion of the Light-Body is drawing down through these three lower Chakras which when open, spinning and healthy are continuously referencing each other as well as directing cosmic and sub-conscious information.

This grounding through the lower Chakras is particularly important as we transit through periods where big downloads of new, higher-dimensional plasmic Light are occurring, such as the Lions Gate 8:8 portal which we are in right now.  Ideally we need to be bringing this new, intelligent photonic Light and energy into our lived experience and giving this upgraded information a practical, linear application in our daily life so that it has relevance.

When you are grounded you have the feeling of sturdiness, presence and expanded awareness ; you feel completely settled in the now moment and in your immediate physical experience.  Groundedness is a peaceful state.  There is no urge or need to “go and do”.  No want for striving, tweaking or modifying, instead just a softening into acceptance of what is and the trust that everything is unfolding as it should.  You have the palpable sense of being deeply and unshakeably connected to the Earth – steady, stable, and lucid.  All apprehension dissolves, giving way to a pervasive feeling of safety, security and the inner knowing that you are divinely supported.

In contrast, an ungrounded person may seem a bit detached, as though somehow separated from his/herself and from the external world.  Nervousness, anxiety, volatility, whimsy and reverie, absent-mindedness and a disproportionate reaction to events are the telltale signs.  An ungrounded person is knocked off-balance very easily due to emotional vulnerability.  They find it difficult to finish things because they are easily distracted.  Communicating effectively can be a challenge because they have difficulty in getting their message across, tend to ramble, go off on tangents or lose their train of thought midway through a point.

We can become ungrounded if we spend too much time in the creative, intuitive energy of our right brain.  We also start to drift out of our center when we spend too much time in the past or the future without being fully present to the now and certainly this has been my experience.  I can feel myself shift slightly out of my physical body if for instance there is a future event that I am particularly excited about and I am projecting myself forward to it.  Too much time spent in meditation and spiritual practice can untether us too, as the Light-Body expands out.

Doing some grounding activity, or simply holding the intention to be firmly grounded typically yields quick and noticeable benefits, like sharper focus and sustained concentration.  When we`re fully grounded in our physical body we can make ourselves understood more effectively.  We tend to manage our time more efficiently and we`re better at seeing tasks through to their completion because we have better access to our left brain which is our linear, logical masculine aspect.

Stay grounded by getting out into nature – go to the beach, be amongst trees, near mountains or just visit the local park.  Any activity or exercise which heightens your awareness of your body and your connectedness to the Earth helps you become more grounded, however over-training and excessive exertion can actually destabilise us by taking us out of our body.

Breath work intensifies body awareness :  mindful attention to the breath and drawing the life-giving pranic energy from the external to the internal is a wonderful tool for grounding because energy readily follows breath.  Pay special attention to the exhale.

Drinking water and eating also grounds us back into our bodies, again due to the external-to-internal energy shift.  Eating chocolate draws us back down into our body because it is such a sensual and pleasurable experience – the taste, texture and comfort of chocolate makes us fully present to the experience of eating it.  It is said that adding a little Himalayan Pink salt to your water is also great for grounding because it increases hydration.  Himalayan salt contains the same 84 trace minerals and elements that are found in the human body and they exist in this salt in colloidal form, so they are easily absorbed by the cells.  The unique cellular structure of this salt allows it to store vibrational energy which is pretty cool.

During meditation, practice grounding work by drawing Light (any colour that resonates with you) down from the Soul Star Chakra above the head, down through the center of the body and continuing downward from the Base Chakra through the feet, passing through the Earth Star Chakra beneath the feet and down into the Earth Heart Center, whilst holding the intention to be fully anchored into the Earth.  Alternatively, visualise roots like tree roots extending down from your feet deep into the Earth.

A beautiful grounding crystal to work with is the Smoky Quartz.  It swiftly reconnects us to Earth energy, promotes the sense of security and safety, and helps us to regain self-control.

You could try the practice of Earthing, premised upon the idea that when your bare feet come in contact with the Earth, free electrons are taken up into the body. These electrons have an antioxidant effect, neutralising damaging free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body.  The Earth is a conductor of free electrons and so are all living things on the planet, including us.  Our body is comprised mostly of water and minerals which makes us excellent conductors of electrons from the Earth providing there is direct skin contact or some other conductive channel for them to flow through.  The Earth’s surface has a subtle, negative electrical charge and at the atomic level it is full of free electrons – the smallest unit of negative charge.  Earthing assists the body’s bioelectrical systems – the electrical impulses that power the heart and the nervous system – to function at their best.  (Source –

Being firmly centered within the physical body feels to me like an unwavering harmonious balance.  It is constancy, soundness and durability.  A worthwhile and rewarding intention to have, for sure.

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